Stormwater and Sewer Drains

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If you have a blocked stormwater drain or a blocked sewer drain, you need go no further than Jim’s Plumbing. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Christmas, Easter and all other public holidays. We can have a fully qualified, licensed and insured local plumber to your property on the same day as your booking or within the hour* in a blocked drains emergency 24/7. Jim’s Plumbing can repair and replace stormwater and sewer drains. 

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Whether you have a blocked toilet, basin, shower, waste or drain grate, or you have a sewer or stormwater blockage, our plumbers are experienced and can quickly and efficiently clean your blocked drains 24/7.

The stormwater and sewer drains are very common pipes to find a blockage in, and is most often the result of breakages, cracks, tree roots, or simply from inlets allowing dirt, leaves and garden debris into the drain. All of our blocked drain plumbers here at Jim’s Plumbing have undergone the most extensive training possible to ensure they’re ready for even the most difficult blocked sewer drain or blocked stormwater drain you could possibly imagine. With access the very latest in hydro-jet drain cleaning machinery, and the ability to excavate and replace your drains if necessary, you can trust that you will receive an effective and reliable drain clearing service. Quality workmanship guaranteed.

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Simply book a plumber online now by clicking this link, or phone 1300 133 509 to book now. We’ll arrange a fully qualified and local plumber to attend to your property today*.

Why do the stormwater and sewer drains become blocked?

The stormwater drain consists of a downpipe, connected to the roof of a building, and a series of ground pipes, that transport water from the roof and grounds of your property to either the street gutter or another designated sight to be absorbed. The sewer drain also removes unwanted waste water from your property, but does so from your toilet, sink, shower and other drains, directing that waste water into the city’s sewage system. The blocked drain plumbers from Jim’s Plumbing have everything they need to effectively and efficiently clear and clean your blocked sewer drains or blocked stormwater drains, getting that water back on track and away from your property like they’re meant to.

Stormwater and Sewer Drain Cleaning

Blockages to the stormwater and sewer drains can happen for a number of reasons. If you can smell sewerage in your garden, you’ve been getting water flooding in your outdoor spaces or your pavers are loose or cracking for no reason, or water is backing up in your drains there’s a good chance one of these things is happening.

  • Build up of dirt, leaves – happening over time, leaves, dirt and other garden and households wastes can join with the normal waste already in your drains to cause a blocked stormwater drain or blocked sewer drain. This can happen even if your drains are cared for, especially after substantial rain, and can be very difficult to clear. You’ll need to contact a blocked drains expert from Jim’s Plumbing, who’ll be around to your home or office in no time at all to clear those tough drain blockages with a minimum of fuss.
  • Tree root invasion – tree roots cause up to 95% of sewer and stormwater drain blockages. A trees roots can grow up to two and half times the size of a trees branches and are constantly searching the ground from water and nutrients which is easily found within our underground pipe networks. If there is even the smallest crack in a pipe a tree root will easily find its way in and continue to grow, mixing with other dirt, leaves and debris being flushed through the pipes to soon form a large fibrous mass – completely blocking or damaging the pipe. The drain plumbers from Jim’s Plumbing will often use the high powered hydro-jet if a stubborn tree root blockage is the cause of your blocked sewer or stormwater drain.
  • Pipe damage – pipes can easily become damaged, stubborn blockages can break through the pipe material, ground movements and temperature fluctuations can cause the pipes to become misaligned, the pipes may become corroded due to age or incorrect pipe installation will all cause blocked stormwater or sewer drains. With the use of a CCTV drain camera inspection your attending blocked drain plumber from Jim’s will accurately be able to determine the exact location and cause of your drain blockage to provide you with the best, most cost effective, method to clear the blockage.

No Obligation Quote for the Repair or Replacement of Drain Sections*

Stormwater drains commonly block up due to tree roots, dirt & silt lying in the pipes. If any damage to your stormwater pipes has occurred from the blockage, your attending Jim’s Plumber will be able to supply you with a no obligation quote for the repair or replacement of drain sections.

How will you clear a blocked stormwater or sewer drain?

The blocked drain clearing experts here at Jim’s Plumbing find the most effective method for cleaning blocked stormwater drains and blocked sewer drains is to use the hydro-jet drain clearing machine. Using highly pressurised water, at a rate of 5000psi, the hydro-jet can easily cut through a stubborn drain blockage that we might find, and is especially effective on those greasy, sludgy build-ups and tree root infiltrations most commonly found in these drains. It doesn’t matter what’s causing your blocked stormwater drain or blocked sewer drain, the experts from Jim’s Plumbing will be able to have it cleared and cleaned or the section of damaged drain replaced to have your water flowing perfectly again in no time.

It’s essential when making a booking with Jim’s Plumbing that we know the job is for a blocked stormwater drain or a blocked sewer drain, so we can ensure your attending blocked drains expert is equipped with the hydro-jet drain machine. As the hydro-jets are trailer mounted they are not always carried to each job. Additionally, every one of the blocked drain professionals here at Jim’s Plumbing has access to CCTV drain cameras, which they can use if your drainage issue is a reoccurring one, guaranteeing that your blockage is found and removed with the minimum of fuss.

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