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If you find yourself with a blocked toilet drain, blocked shower drain or blocked sewer drain in Perth, call Jim’s Plumbing straight away. We will dispatch a fully qualified and licensed Perth plumber, on the same day of your booking, to your home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – Easter, Christmas and all other public holidays included.  With a fleet of vans, all fully equipped and ready to go with any equipment we might need, we can have a Perth blocked drains professional knocking on your door within an hour* of placing your call, or by filling out our simple Perth plumber online form, in a plumbing emergency – no matter the time of day or night.

Perth is the fourth most populous city in Australia, clocking in at a respectable 1.9 million residents. Although this isn’t anywhere near Sydney or Melbourne, and still a ways behind Brisbane as well, it’s still an awful lot of blocked drains. That’s why Jim’s Plumbing Perth services all metropolitan suburbs of the city of light, including Iluka, Midland, Cottesloe, Joondalup, Fremantle, Bayswater, Rockingham, Victoria Park, Scarborough and Osborne Park, just to name a few. It doesn’t matter where you live or work in Perth, or what blocked drain you’ve found yourself with, a Jim’s Plumbing Perth blocked drains plumber has the experience, the resources and the equipment to clear it. That’s why you should make us your first port of call for all of your blocked drain need.

So, why do drains get blocked in Perth?

Perth drains become blocked for several differing reasons, it just depends what kind of drain it is, where it’s located and what it drains. For example, too much toilet paper, hair, soap, grease, small debris, tree roots and cracks or breakages can all prevent water from flowing properly through a Perth drain. In all of these cases, though, one thing is the same. They should be cleared by a Jim’s Plumbing Perth blocked drain clearing expert.

At Jim’s Plumbing Perth, our vans are fully stocked and ready to go with the latest and greatest technology in blocked drain clearing equipment, and our fully qualified and licensed Perth plumbers have the training and experience to tackle any Perth blocked drain job you might throw at them. If you’ve found yourself with a blocked drain in Perth, contact Jim’s Plumbing now and we’ll send a blocked drain expert to your property straight away to have that drain cleared in no time. We are your one stop shop for all of your Perth blocked drain plumbing needs.

We’re able to unblock or repair your:

  • Blocked laundry drains in Perth – hair, small pieces of clothes, lint, soap and other debris are the most likely causes for a blocked washing machine drain or blocked trough drain in Perth. No matter what’s causing the blockage, though, a Jim’s Plumbing Perth blocked drains expert has the experience, expertise and equipment to clear your blocked laundry drain quickly and efficiently.
  • Blocked basins, baths, showers in Perth – when you have a Perth blocked drain which directly impacts on your day, such as a blocked basin drain, a blocked bath drain or a blocked shower drain, it’s essential you call Jim’s Plumbing Perth as soon as possible. A bathroom drain might get clogged from soap or toothpaste sediment, hair or other waste being washed down, which can be cleared by one of our Perth blocked drain professionals straight away so you can get on with your normal routine.
  • Blocked urinals in Perth – a salt deposit can build up over time, eventually blocking a urinal drain. For any public toilet council workers, or business owners with public toilets in Perth, you don’t want to leave a blocked urinal drain for any period of time after it happens, as it can become very unpleasant. A Jim’s Plumbing Perth blocked drains expert will have the right solution for your blocked urinal drain, and can assess and clear it on the same day of your booking, or within an hour* in a blocked drain emergency.
  • Blocked stormwater, sewer drains in Perth – those outdoor drains are quite prone to blocking in Perth, and can become very irritating very quickly. If a patio, garden or walkway stormwater drain, or sewer drain, is blocked, it’ll usually be due to dirt, leaves, tree roots and other garden materials collecting and clogging in it. Or, there could be a more serious problem such as damaged or collapsed pipework.  A blocked stormwater or sewer drain is considered an emergency and needs to be attended to as soon as possible.  Contact Jim’s Plumbing Perth straight away and we’ll have one of our blocked drain specialists around to clear or repair your blocked stormwater drain or blocked sewer as quickly as possible.
  • Blocked toilet drains in Perth – nobody would disagree that the blocked toilet drain is one of the most unpleasant, frustrating plumbing problems there is. Too much toilet paper, sanitary napkins, baby wipes or flushing solid objects can quickly cause this very common blockage.  Tree roots are also a common cause from drain blockages in Perth.  Jim’s Plumbing has the solution for you. With the very best equipment, most extensive training and highest skills, our Perth blocked drain experts will clear your blocked toilet efficiently and effectively so you don’t need to stress about anything.
  • Blocked kitchen drains in Perth – all manner of things get washed down your kitchen sink, which, while you can ensure you don’t put anything too damaging down there, is not entirely avoidable. Oils, grease, soap, hand wash and food scraps can all collect in your sink drain, finally creating a blockage. If you’ve got a blocked sink drain in Perth, contact Jim’s Plumbing, the Perth blocked drain experts, and we’ll be able to have a fully qualified blocked drain plumber out to your property, on the same day of your booking, who’ll be able to clear your drain blockage to get your water flowing perfectly again.

So, how can a blocked drain be cleared in Perth?

At Jim’s Plumbing Perth, all of our fully qualified and licensed blocked drain plumbers have the training, experience and tools to clear any and all blocked drains. The method we’ll use really depends on how large and serious the problem is, but our blocked drains experts have access to the best solutions for every blocked drain situation. To us, the best solution doesn’t include pipe relining, like some plumbers seem to think; drain relining is often only a temporary fix and needs to be done regularly, which only ends up costing you more money in the long run. The Jim’s Plumbing Perth blocked drain professionals only use safe, long term techniques to give you the very best results possible.

  • Electric drainage machine Perth – Jim’s Plumbing Perth blocked drains plumbers have many fancy tools, one of which is the electric drain cleaner. This machine, sometimes also called an electric eel, consist of a motorised cutting tool that can slice and remove tree roots and other solid materials that may be clogging your drains. Our Perth blocked drain experts at Jim’s Plumbing find the electric eel drain cleaning machine to be very effective for blocked toilet drains, blocked shower drains and other indoor drain blockages.
  • Hydro-jet drain machine Perth – using a water spray at an extremely high pressure of up to 5000psi, the hydro-jet drain cleaning machine can slice through almost any stubborn blockage it comes across. Our Jim’s Plumbing Perth blocked drain experts, all of whom are highly trained and skilled in using the hydro-jet drain cleaning machine, find them particularly useful for stubborn, or hard to reach, blocked sink drains, blocked stormwater drains and blocked sewer drains, since they can easily remove the greasy accumulations and tree roots commonly seen with these problems..
  • Sewage drain replacement Perth – a really serious Perth blocked drain issue, like a broken pipe, collapsed drain or an impacted clog, may be too difficult to simply clear, so all of our Jims Plumbing blocked drain experts can also excavate and replace a section of drain when required. After providing you with a quote for the job, your attending Perth blocked drain professional will be able to get excavation machinery, dig out the blocked drain and then replace the affected section with a new one, making sure you get only the best and long term results possible.
  • Drainage camera Perth – all blocked drains in Perth will require assessment, but some will require a more thorough inspection for one reason or another. If it isn’t known what’s causing your blocked drain, or you keep getting the same blocked drain over and over again, your attending Jim’s Plumbing Perth blocked drains expert can insert a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) drain camera into the affected pipe. With this, they’ll be able to identify precisely what’s causing the blockage and where it’s located, to be able to accurately determine the best method of clearing.

So, whose responsibility is a blocked drain in Perth?

Perth blocked drains located on private property are up to the homeowner or business owner to have cleared by a blocked drain expert. If you rent your home, then your landlord should be responsible for having drains cleared when they get blocked. Either way, the Perth blocked drain professionals at Jim’s Plumbing are ready and waiting to take your call out. With the very best in expertise, experience and equipment, there’s quite simply no other company worth contacting.

* Conditions apply