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Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning

Have a blocked drain?

Hydro jet drain cleaning is a modern technology that works to unblock clogged drains that aren’t functioning efficiently. When inserted into the drain, hydro jets disperse pressurised water at 5000 psi. This pressure is enough force to cut through tree roots, greasy build ups and other debris that might be causing a blockage in your drain. 

No Matter the Time of Day or Night

Upon first signs of a blocked drain including; slow drainage, no drainage, water backing up on your property, pungent smells emitting from your drains, a clogged toilet or your toilet water level is too high or too low – give us a call for a prompt, reliable and affordable drain clearing service 24/7.

Hyrdo jet drain cleaning benefits: 

  • Thourough job of cleaning drains 
  • Removes invasive tree roots 
  • Only the power of water is used to clean 
  • Environmentally safe 
  • No chemicals 

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning 24/7

Jim’s Plumbing operate with customer satisfaction as our top priority, that’s why we offer around the clock service every day of the year. No matter how big or small the job, we also try to be there within an hour of your call*.

Unlike cutting tools and machinery, hydro jet drain cleaners don’t get stuck and can even clear hard to reach blockages such as the ones you might find in sewer pipes or stormwater drains.

Because these drain jets work with such high pressure, they are a safety hazard. Jim’s Plumbing are your local professionals and can safely deploy these systems into your pipes.

With over 15 years’ experience in the drain cleaning industry, you can be sure your drains are in good hands.

If you want hydro jet drain cleaning services we are your number one option.

Interest Free Terms for High Pressure Drain Cleaners  

High pressure drain cleaners are only suitable for trained professionals. This technology can cut through trees, so could easily cut through you. With our interest free payment plans** you no longer need to put yourself in harm’s way to keep the costs down.

Our plans require no upfront deposit and can be easily managed in weekly or fortnightly instalments. You can organise this whilst booking, otherwise your technician can sign you up on site. The application process is simple and approval is usually granted within minutes.

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Guarantee a Same Day Plumbing Service 24/7*

For a prompt, reliable and affordable drain cleaning service contact the experts from Jim’s Plumbing 24/7. We can be with you on the same day of your plumber booking or within the hour* in a blocked drain emergency.

Hydrojet Drain Cleaning
Hydrojet Drain Cleaning

So, how does the hydro-jet work?

Hydro-jets are inserted into your drain pipes and use highly pressurised water that is discharged through a flexible cable and nozzle system. At 5000 psi, the stream of water is able to quickly and easily slice through tree roots and other solid materials. As there are no blades or cutters of any kind to get stuck, the hydro jetter drain cleaner is able to effectively and efficiently demolish and clean any and all greasy and sludgy build-ups that other equipment can’t. For this reason, the Jim’s Plumbing blocked drain professionals find the hydro-jet drain cleaners particularly useful for blocked sink drains and blocked stormwater drains.

As the water used by the hydro jetter is pressurized to such a high level, there is a safety hazard when using it, as the pressure could easily slice through a finger! It’s essential that only a highly trained operator use one of these machines, so at Jim’s Plumbing we make sure that all of our fully qualified and licensed blocked drains plumbers have the training and skills to not only use the hydro jetter drain cleaner effectively, but also safely. Your attending blocked drain plumber will be able to accurately assess your specific situation to determine what the best clearing method will be, then, if that turns out to be the hydro-jet, will be able to use it to give you the very best results to your blocked drain woes – clearing and cleaning your drains with quality and reliability guaranteed.

So, why would we use the hydro-jet?

Grease, oil, dirt and other such accumulations can be very difficult to move with other machinery, as their cutting tools either get stuck, don’t end up removing everything, or they can’t reach the blockage effectively. These types of blockages, however, are short work for a hydro jetter drain cleaning machine, as the high pressure water stream simply blasts through sticky clogs and stubborn build-up’s and quickly scours the drain clean. Because of this, and their ability to also cut through tree roots, the blocked drain experts here at Jim’s Plumbing find the high powered hydro-jets to be very effective for blocked stormwater drains, blocked sewer drains, blocked sink drains and any hard to reach, stubborn drain blockage.

Cafes and restaurants frequently have oil and grease build-ups in their sink drains, which can become problematic very quickly. Jim’s Plumbing can, of course, take care of this by scouring these drains with the hydro-jet whenever required but, we believe, in a commercial situation, it is a far better idea to have your drains cleaned regularly, approximately every 3 or 4 months. As a business owner, you don’t want any sinks, or even bathroom pipes to suddenly overflow, so you should call the blocked drain experts at Jim’s Plumbing to organise for a scheduled hydro-jet clean as often as you need it. 

In most cases our hydro-jets are trailer mounted and not carried to every job. Due to this we do request that if you have a blocked stormwater drain that you advise of this upon your plumber booking and request that the hydro-jet be brought to your location. This will save time in relation to your plumber not having to leave site to collect it.

No Obligation Quote for the Repair or Replacement of Drain Sections*

Stormwater drains commonly block up due to tree roots, dirt & silt lying in the pipes. If any damage to your stormwater pipes has occurred from the blockage, your attending Jim’s Plumber will be able to supply you with a no obligation quote for the repair or replacement of drain sections.

* Pending availability. ** Conditions apply.