Blocked Drains Canberra

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Jim’s Plumbing in Canberra can deal with any blocked drain you find yourself facing. If your shower isn’t draining, you’ve got a blocked toilet or any of your other drains are blocked, we’ve got the experience and the knowhow to fix it. With a small army of plumbers, each carrying everything they could possibly need for any blocked drain job, we can generally have someone knocking on your front door within an hour of placing a booking. Further, if you need a plumber any time of the day, on any day, we’ve got you covered – our plumbers are available 24/7.

If you need a blocked drain cleared in Canberra, call Jim’s Plumbing. Canberra might be one of the smallest cities in Australia, home to such national institutions as the National Gallery of Australia, the National Library of Australia and, of course, the federal government, but that doesn’t make it immune to blocked drains. It doesn’t matter if you live in Acton, Melba, Mawson, Manuka, Deakin, Weetangera, Bruce, Lyneham, Mitchell, Gungahlin, Isabella Plains, Fadden, Conder, or any other suburb of Canberra, we can have one of our highly trained, fully qualified, licensed blocked drains plumbers to your home or business as quickly as possible, any time of day or night. So call now, or use our easy online booking form.

So, what actually is a Canberra blocked drain?

Here at Jim’s Plumbing Canberra, all our plumbers are experts in blocked drains clearing, but what does this mean? When we talk about a blocked drain, we mean solid material somewhere along the drain that’s preventing water from flowing normally. Grease or hair building up, too much toilet paper or sanitary pads, tree roots, these can all cause blockages, depending on where the drain is and what it’s trying to carry. Any of your Canberra drains can block, even if you’re very careful with what you put down them, so it’s always a good idea to have a blocked drain professional have a look at them.

All our Canberra blocked drains plumbers at Jim’s Plumbing are trained extensively so they’re ready for any blockage they might be called to. Further, every van is fitted with only the best in drain clearing machinery, and stocks a vast array of spare parts, so there’s nothing we aren’t ready for when you contact us. No matter what it is, the Canberra blocked drains experts from Jim’s Plumbing have the equipment, experience and the expertise to fix it!

Some causes for your blocked drains might be:

  • Blocked bathroom drains Canberra – easily some of the most common blocked drains in Canberra, the blocked bath drain, blocked shower drain and blocked basin drain can also be some of the most unpleasant and irritating. Soap, body washes, toothpaste, hair and other bathroom wastes can quickly accumulate in your Canberra bathroom drains, blocking water flow and preventing you from doing everyday things like washing and grooming. If this has happened to you, contact Jim’s Plumbing straight away, and we’ll have a Canberra blocked drains expert out to your property to fix that problem quick smart.
  • Blocked kitchen drains Canberra – your Canberra kitchen sink often collects all kinds of stuff over time, including oil, grease, soap, hand wash, small food materials and other debris, which eventually creates a clog. Many times, a DIY blocked drain clearing technique will be ineffective here, so you’ll need to book a professional Canberra blocked drains plumber from Jim’s Plumbing. We’ve got the training, skills and tools to be able to clear that stubborn blocked sink drain in no time.
  • Blocked toilet drains Canberra – Canberra may have only 411 thousand residents, far below all other major Australian capital cities, but that’s still a lot of blocked toilet drains! These are usually the result of excessive toilet paper usage, sanitary napkins or baby wipes, and the flushing of solid objects, which all makes for one very unpleasant day. Don’t hesitate if this has happened to you; contact the Jim’s Plumbing Canberra blocked drains experts straight away, and we’ll be able to have that blocked toilet drain cleared and working perfectly again quickly and efficiently.
  • Blocked urinal drains Canberra – for people with commercial and public toilets, a blocked urinal drain in Canberra can be a huge nuisance, not to mention unpleasant. These will generally come down to slow sedimentation build-ups, and can happen when you least expect it. Jim’s Plumbing, though, the Canberra blocked drains professional, has you covered. We’re able to send one of our blocked drains experts straight away, so contact as soon as the blockage appears.
  • Blocked outdoor drain Canberra – outside, there are still many Canberra drains that can become blocked. Stormwater drains and sewer drains coming from your house and going through your garden, walkways, driveways and other outdoor areas can all block, generally resulting from accrual of garden debris like dirt, leaves or tree roots. For these Canberra blocked stormwater drains and blocked sewer drains, you need to contact the blocked drains experts from Jim’s Plumbing. Our plumbers have the experience, expertise and equipment required to remove any and all blockages in your outdoor Canberra drains.
  • Blocked laundry drains Canberra – hair, small pieces of material, soap and other cleaning liquid deposits are the usual culprits of blocked washing machine drains and blocked trough drains. Jim’s Plumbing, your local Canberra blocked drains professionals, can clear this efficiently and effectively. If you’ve found yourself with a blocked laundry drain, one of our experts will be able to get your laundry drains flowing perfectly again with no fuss.

So, what will you do to my Canberra blocked drain?

A Canberra blocked drains expert from Jim’s Plumbing will be able to clear any type of blockage you discover. All our vans have the best equipment available, including electric eel drain cleaning machines, hydro jetter drain cleaning machines, CCTV drain cameras and even excavation tools, and every fully qualified, highly trained Canberra blocked drain plumber has the knowhow for even the toughest job. It doesn’t matter what blocked drain you’re suffering from, the Jim’s Plumbing Canberra expert will know what to do.

  • Water jetting machine Canberra – with many innovations happening all over the world in every profession, the most recent innovation in Canberra blocked drains clearing is the hydro jet. By employing pressurised water, the hydro jetter cleaner uses a cable and nozzle attachment to slice through those tough, greasy accumulations from blocked sink drains and blocked stormwater drains. Every Jim’s Plumbing Canberra blocked drain expert has the training, experience and skills to be able to use the hydro jet machine to clear all those sticky, sludgy blockages.
  • Outdoor drains replacement Canberra – blocked drains in Canberra sometimes turn out to be very serious, like a crack or sag, and in these cases only clearing the drain won’t do much to fix the problem with long term results. For these situations, our Canberra blocked drains experts have the expertise, expertise and equipment to excavate and replace the affected drain. This will ensure that you get the results you want and deserve.
  • CCTV sewer camera Canberra – to make our job easier and more effective, as well as less stressful on you, our valued customer, your attending Canberra blocked drains expert from Jim’s Plumbing may need to visually inspect the problematic pipe using a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) drain camera. This will often be the case when your Canberra blocked drain keeps coming back, indicating that there are more problems along the drain, or the cause of your blocked drain isn’t know, and will save a lot of time, money and effort.
  • Electric drains machine Canberra – the hydro jet is not the only piece of advanced technology we have access to here at Jim’s Plumbing Canberra. For those pesky blocked toilet drains, blocked shower drains and blocked basin drains, your attending Canberra blocked drains expert can use the electric eel drain cleaning machine to clear them. Able to slice through solid material like tree roots and other blockages, the electric drain cleaner uses a mechanical cutting head and cable system to snake through your Canberra blocked drain, cutting and shifting as it goes.

At Jim’s Plumbing Canberra, we believe in offering only the safest, most durable and cost effective solutions for your drainage problems. That’s why, unlike a lot of other blocked drains companies, we don’t use temporary, unsuccessful fixes like drain relining. The Canberra blocked drains experts from Jim’s Plumbing will be able to get any and all of your drain blockages cleared in no time, using only the very latest and greatest techniques available.

So, a Canberra blocked drain is whose responsibility?

If you’ve found yourself with a blocked drain in Canberra, you need to contact the blocked drain experts from Jim’s Plumbing. A blocked drain is the responsibility of the homeowner or the business owner if it’s on private property. If you’re renting your home, then in this case your landlord should organise and pay for all Canberra blocked drain clearing carried out by a Jim’s Plumbing blocked drain professional.