Blocked Drains Brisbane

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If you find yourself with a blocked toilet drain, blocked shower drain or blocked sewer drain in Brisbane, call Jim’s Plumbing straight away. We are your Brisbane blocked drain plumbers with the skills, experience and equipment to clear your blocked drains in a fast and efficient manner with quality workmanship guaranteed.  We have a Brisbane blocked drain plumber available 24/7, including all weekends and public holidays who can be at your home or office on the same day as your plumber booking, or within the hour* in a Brisbane blocked drains emergency.

Brisbane, being the third most populous city in Australia with 2.2 million residents, is quite prone to blocked drains. We service all metropolitan suburbs of Brisbane, including Petrie, Taringa, The Gap, Carindale, Cleveland, Moorooka, Springwood, Albany Creek, Browns Plains, Bracken Ridge and Ascot, just to name a few. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the city centre with all its art galleries, book shops and music venues, or out in the Brisbane suburbs, what plumbing predicament you’ve found yourself in, or what the time happens to be, Jim’s Plumbing Brisbane has the experience, the resources and the gear to fix any and all blocked drains. That’s why you should make us your first port of call for all of your Brisbane blocked drain needs.

Why did my drain get blocked in Brisbane?

There are numerous things that may be causing your Brisbane blocked drain. For example, too much toilet paper, sanitary pads, hair, soap, toothpaste residue, food scraps, other debris, tree root invasion, cracked or broken pipes, and large build ups of grease or oil of all possible causes of drain blockages. Some of these can be more difficult than others to remove, taking longer and needing more advanced technology. Fortunately for you, though, Jim’s Plumbing, your local Brisbane blocked drain experts, has everything needed to clear even the most stickiest or difficult of blocked drains.

Every one of our Brisbane plumbing vans is fully maintained and equipped with blocked drain clearing machinery, and every Jim’s plumber has undergone extensive training in order to be highly skilled and highly knowledgeable in their use. Not only that, our Brisbane blocked drain experts have the qualifications, skills and knowhow to clear any drain blockage that could possibly be thrown at them. You don’t need to worry about anything when you contact Jim’s Plumbing for your Brisbane blocked drain emergency, we’ll take care of everything and get your water flowing perfectly again in no time.

We can take of the following:

  • Unblocking baths, showers and basins in Brisbane – a blocked bath drain, blocked shower drain or blocked basin drain in Brisbane can develop from soap and toothpaste residue, hair and other bathroom wastes. Rather unpleasant and irritating, any blocked bathroom drain should be cleared by a professional from Jim’s Plumbing Brisbane before it impacts too much on your day to day life. All of our blocked drain experts are fully qualified and extensively trained to give you the best results possible.
  • Unblocking toilets in Brisbane – if there’s one Brisbane blocked drain that had to be named the most annoying; it would probably have to be the blocked toilet drain. Just the simple fact that it’s blocked can be enough to cause untold frustration, even if nobody needs to use it. The Brisbane blocked toilet drain is most often caused by sanitary napkins or baby wipes, excessive toilet paper, tree roots or flushing foreign material, and these are all very serious. Jim’s Plumbing is your blocked toilet drain expert in Brisbane. We’ll have that toilet flushing properly again quick smart so you can stop worrying and get on with whatever you need to do.
  • Unblocking stormwater and outside floor drains in Brisbane – stormwater drains and sewer drains in driveways, walkways and coming from your roof can quickly get clogged with dirt, leaves, tree root infiltrations and other household waste materials in Brisbane. This is particularly serious, as it can lead to water damage and leaking sewerage, both of which can be very costly to repair and can lead to contamination if left for a long period of time. Contact Jim’s Plumbing Brisbane as soon as you notice a blocked stormwater drain or blocked sewage drain and we’ll be able to send you out a blocked drains expert, often within the hour*, to clear that blocked stormwater drain or blocked sewer drain before it becomes a serious issue.
  • Unblocking urinals in Brisbane – if your Brisbane business has a publically accessible toilet, chances are you’ve got a urinal. These can get blocked, and can be very unpleasant and irritating. Blocked urinals are generally caused by a slow accumulation of crystal-like deposits, and should be cleared straight away by a Jim’s Plumbing Brisbane blocked drains professional. We can provide you with the right solution whenever you need it, so contact us now.
  • Unblocking sinks in Brisbane – Jim’s Plumbing Brisbane really are the experts when it comes to blocked drains, especially those frustrating blocked sink drains. In the kitchen, oily and greasy residue, soap, food scraps and other debris can cause a blocked sink, so, while you can be careful, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to prevent your sink from blocking. If you do have a blocked kitchen sink in Brisbane, just contact us, and we’ll have a Brisbane blocked drain expert at your home or business, on the same day or within the hour*, if required, to clear your sink blockage and get your water flowing properly again.
  • Unblocking laundry drains in Brisbane – if you’ve just walked into your Brisbane laundry to get the clothes out the washing machine, only to find water all over the floor, chances are good that you’ve got a blocked laundry drain. Build-ups of hair, lint and soap are the most likely causes of blocked laundry drains. Jim’s Plumbing Brisbane, though, has the answer for that, and we can have one of our fully qualified and licensed Brisbane blocked drain experts around to your property to clear your blocked washing machine drain or blocked trough drain, depending on what the problem is.

How will my drain be cleared in Brisbane?

We at Jim’s Plumbing Brisbane primarily use four techniques for finding and fixing blocked drains, depending on its seriousness. Our Brisbane blocked drain experts are against pipe relining, as it’s nothing more than a short-term solution and will only end up costing you more of your hard-eared cash in the long run. We ensure that all of our professional Brisbane plumbers use only the best blocked drain clearing methods for your Brisbane drainage problems.

  • CCTV drainage cameras Brisbane – it’s common for us to come across a Brisbane blocked drain which either keeps coming back again and again, or else is unknown in terms of both location and cause. To find the blockage in both of these cases, and to be absolutely certain what the root cause of the blocked drain is, your attending Jim’s Plumbing Brisbane blocked drain expert may recommend inserting a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) drain camera into the drain. This will save us time and you money in regards to unnecessary excavation costs. Identifying the location and the cause of your Brisbane blocked drain, will allow your attending plumber to choose between our three primary means of removing it. This really depends on the specifics of the blockage, such as what’s causing it, where it’s located and how serious it is. All of our Brisbane blocked drain experts are extensively trained in the best methods for drain clearing, so you’ll get only the best results from our services.
  • Indentifying the location and the cause of your Brisbane blocked drain, we’ll then need to choose between our three primary means of removing it. This really depends on the specifics of the blockage, like what it is, where it is and how serious it is. All our Brisbane blocked drain experts are extensively trained in the best methods for drain clearing, so you’ll get only the best results from our services.
  • Excavating and replacing drains Brisbane – in the case of drains that are cracked, broken, invaded by tree roots or very old, or drains which are simply too blocked to be cleared, your attending Jim’s Plumbing Brisbane blocked drain expert may recommend a full, or partial, drain replacement. Every one of our professional blocked drain plumbers will be able to assess the extent of your blocked drain problem in Brisbane, and then decide if it’s possible or worthwhile to clear. If a drain replacement is the only way forward, your attending Jim’s plumber will provide you with a no obligation quote to excavate and replace the section of drain prior to any works being undertaken.
  • Electric drain cleaning machines Brisbane – sometimes called an electric eel, this machine uses a motorised cutting tool to slice through tree roots and other objects in those irritating blocked indoor drains. All of our blocked drain experts at Jim’s Plumbing Brisbane have undergone extensive training and experience to be able to efficiently and effectively use the electric eel drain cleaning machine for any of your blocked shower drains, blocked toilet drains and blocked laundry drains in Brisbane.
  • Hydro-jet drain cleaning machines Brisbane – your local Brisbane blocked drain experts from Jim’s Plumbing have access to the very latest in blocked drain clearing technology, including hydro-jet drain cleaning machines. With highly pressurised water, jetting into your drains at a high rate of 5000psi, the hydro-jet drain machines are ideal for greasy build-ups such as those found in blocked sink drains. They can also quickly remove solid objects like tree roots, making them very useful on your Brisbane blocked sewer and stormwater drains.

Who’s responsible for a blocked drain in Brisbane?

Unless you rent your Brisbane home, in which case your landlord should be responsible for any blocked drain you find, it will be the homeowner’s or the business owner’s responsibility to organise and pay for blocked drains to be cleared.  No matter your Brisbane blocked drain situation a fully qualified blocked drains plumber from Jim’s Plumbing can be at your location on the same day of your booking, within the hour* in a plumbing emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all public holidays, to clear and clean your troublesome blocked drains.

* Conditions apply