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Jim’s plumbing Geelong is your plumbing maintenance and emergency specialist who are able to attend to your home within 60 minutes of you making the booking call. We have a fully qualified plumber and gas fitter who lives locally to you therefore we are able to offer you a prompt and reliable service each and every time.


No job is too small

We welcome the opportunity to send a plumber to repair, maintain or install your general & emergency plumbing, gas fitting or hot water heater service now 24/7! Just call us to speak to one of our friendly call centre staff at any time, day or night.

We are able to have plumber attend to your property within the hour* in plumbing emergencies. We also offer same day servicing or we can have a plumber attend to your property at a time most suitable to yourself. Because our plumber Adam lives locally to Geelong. He is familiar with the area enabling him to be prompt and efficient in travelling to your home or sourcing parts from local suppliers.

For larger jobs such as the replacements of hot water systems we are able to offer our customers interest free payment* options to approved applicants. Our plumber’s van is very well stocked with commonly used parts and materials. If a non-stocked item is required than our plumber will endeavour to source that for you.

Jim’s plumbing is a name you can trust.

While Jim’s plumbing is just one business under the Jims group, we have been around for many years servicing all of Australia. When you call our bookings team, they can arrange a time frame to have the plumber to attend around your schedule.

Should you need someone soon or in an emergency, we offer within the hour* time frames. We also offer 24 hour service, so should something go wrong in the middle of the night or after business hours, we can have a plumber to your home to fix the issue in no time.

Every plumber is employed by us and has had the accreditation for over 5 years. Each plumber is also qualified and licenced as a water plumber but a gas fitter to. On a regular basis, our plumbers complete training to keep them up to date with the latest technology to help you with all your plumbing concerns.


Geelong is a heavily populated city southwest of the Melbourne CBD that is located along the waterfront. Known for its 19th century carousel, this esplanade has curved art work along the boardwalk and a sea bath at Eastern beach.

It is also home to many amenities such as motel and hotels, shopping centres, markets, reserves and parks and is home to the Geelong football club, a team in the Australian Football League (AFL).

Not only are we able to come to your home within the hour*, our plumbers can provide you with a free quote* for the replacement of your hot water system. We provide these onsite so the quote can be as accurate as possible, rather than leaving time and money to chance.

The plumber will talk to you about any issues or concerns about your current system as well as discuss your water needs now and in the future so you will be able to have the best suitable unit for your home.

Our plumbers can work around gas, electric and solar powered hot water systems. They deal every day with a wide range of brands including;

Plumbers can also discuss our Certegy interest free* payment plans as an option to pay for your brand new hot water unit as sometimes things like broken down hot water heaters just aren’t planned for.

Once the work is completed, you will receive a COC or certificate of compliance to prove all work was completed by a licenced gas fitter. This is usually for the warranty offered by the manufactory to make it valid.

Job Date: 23-Jan-2017

At approximately 1pm on the 23 January 2017, Monday arvo. A Jims plumbing customer phoned our booking team seeking a plumber for the assistance of a leaking toilet. Our friendly team were able to book a plumber between the time frame of 3pm and 6pm. Our customer phoned us from work, so we arranged the time to suit our customers after work availability.

Just before 4pm that same day our plumber arrived on site to Mckillop Street East Geelong, fully stocked and ready to go. The plumber did a full service on the leaking toilet. This including the isolation valve, flexi hose, inlet valve and a base rubber.

Our plumber that attended was then off site just shy of half an hour later from the arrival time.

Customer was not onsite but was easily able to pay the plumber over the phone using his credit card. After the job was completed our customer service team called the customer to ensure he was satisfied with the plumber’s attendance. Our customer advised the toilet was functioning properly with zero leaks and he was happy with the work completed.

Job Date 4th January 2017, Geelong West 3218

Mid-morning around 10:51am on Saturday 4th February. Jim’s Plumbing received a phone call from a customer in need of some plumbing assistance. The customer was located in Geelong West, Victoria. The customer advised the call centre staff that they had a washing machine been delivered at 7:30am Monday morning and would like to organise a plumber straight after to connect the washing machine up. The call centre staff took the information and gave it to dispatch that the customer would like something first thing on Monday morning.

The dispatch team provided the customer with a 8am – 11am timeframe on Monday so that the washing machine would be there ready to go. The customer agreed to this and the booking went ahead. At 8:00am Monday morning the plumber arrived on site at, Culloden Lane, Geelong West. The plumber had all the latest tools and materials in the van with him so that he does not have to leave to source tools unless absolutely necessary. He began the work and started by installing the customers brand new washing machine with its new isolation valves. Once the work was complete the plumber checked everything over and authorized the work site safe for the customers to use.

The customer was explained many different payment options by the call centre staff but chose to go ahead with the mobile eftpos. This means that the customer can pay at home using the eftpos machine and a card of their choice. This way the customer does not have to go out a source cash to pay for the job on completion.

Job Date 16th March 2017, Geelong 3220

Early on a Thursday Morning around 6:24 am on the 16th of March the Jims Plumbing call centre team received a call from a distressed customer finding our number online after searching for emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week plumbers. They advised our operator that their ensuite toilet had cracked overnight and water is flooding the bathroom. Thankfully we has a plumber who could attend at 8am that morning, we collected a few details and had the plumber on his way as soon as possible.

Our Jims Plumber AC arrived to the Swanston Street address in Geelong 8am on the dot and firstly turned off the water leading to the house at the metre to stop flooding in the bathroom. After which he checked the toilet and found that the whole toilet suite needed to be replaced due to an unrepairable crack. We gave the customer a quote to supply and install a new toilet suite, the work was completed in less than three hours.

Our customer opted to take advantage of our convenient mobile eftpos facilities on completion of the job and we were able to print off the invoice then and there. Our customer gave us feedback at the end of the job saying the service was very prompt and thanked out plumber for attending.

Job Date 20th March 2017, Geelong 3220

On the 20th of March a customer called through to Jims Plumbing Geelong West as they needed a plumber. The customer living on Trigg Street, Geelong west required a plumber as their water temperature was fluctuating. The customer advised they had a Bosch Hydropower 16H hot water system and believe it is faulty as the temperature throughout the bathrooms are very temperamental. The customer requested the plumber attend the following day between the hours of 8am and 11am, when they would be home.

The plumber arrived onsite at 8am sharp and inspected the hot water system. He found that if he removed the flow restrictors from both showers that it would solve the temperature fluctuation problem. So he removed the restrictors and the problem was solved. All our plumbers like to make sure we leave the customer with the problem fully fixed and because of that the plumber offered to service the water section of the Bosch Hydropower hot water system.

On completion of the work the customer paid the plumber with Eftpos via the mobile Eftpos machine fitted to the plumbing van. After the plumber had packed up and left site the customer service manager gave the customer a follow up call. The customer said they were happy with the plumber and the service he provided.

Job Date 21st November 2016.

On the 21st of November at 11:15am a customer called through to our Jims plumbing booking centre as his toilet cistern was constantly running into the bowl. The customer requested a timeframe late that day as he had to run some errands. Our plumber AC arrived at the Freesia Court address in East Geelong within the allocated timeframe and began work on the toilet cistern straight away.

The plumber was able to complete a service on the cistern to repair the issue using parts and materials that are always stocked in our fully equipped vans. The service kit contains a replacement mini cock, ball valve, outlet rubber, flexi hose, kingco rubber and ribber. While on site the plumber also noticed that the garden tap had begun to leak, before leaving the plumber was able to replace the garden hose cocks to stop the tap from leaking.

Once completed, the plumber provided the customer with a printed invoice and the customer chose to pay via his credit card using the plumbers mobile eftpos machine.

Job Date: Saturday 8th April 2017

On Saturday April 8th Jim’s plumbing Geelong received a call from a customer with a blocked toilet. The customer requested a plumber to attend as soon as possible. The call centre operator that took the call was able offer for one of our plumbers to attend between 12pm and 3pm. The customer was happy to hear we could get someone to attend so seen even with it being a Saturday.

The plumber arrived on site at the Little Mouth Street address in Geelong at 1:07pm with all the equipment and told required to get to work unblocking the drains immediately. The plumber started by using his hydro drain cleaning machine down the inspection opening. The plumber ran the machine out to the street, once he had done this he found the drain still wasn’t 100% as the blockage was on the government’s side. Our plumber contacted Barwon water to organise for them to attend and unblock from their side as well. On completion of this work the customer used the plumber’s handy mobile eftpos machine to make full payment of the invoice. The plumber completed the work and was off site within one hour.

Job Date: Monday 3rd April 2016 – Geelong North

Jim’s plumbing Geelong North had a phone call from a customer with a business premises located in the Geelong North area the customer needed a plumber to attend the premises within business hours the same day. Fortunately our Geelong North plumber had an available time frame between 10 am and 1 pm that we were able to offer the customer. The customer advised this would work perfectly and booked in the job.

Once our plumber arrived on site he was met by a staff member that explained that the pvc pipe to the plumbed coffee machine in the staff kitchen as leaking and needing to be repaired. The plumber inspected the pipe and found that there was a blockage in the drain for the coffee machine. The plumber was able to put his mini hydro drain cleaning machine down the drain to clear the blockage caused by a build up of coffee debris. The plumber tested the machine was he had unblocked the drain to ensure the issue was resolved. Payment was made by credit card – this is one of the payment options we offer our customers. We also offer cash, cheque and eftpos.

* Pending availability. Conditions apply.