Toilet and Cistern Repairs

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Having a faulty toilet suite can be one of the most irritating and unpleasant experiences you can go through.

So it’s essential you have a Jim’s Plumbing toilet expert have a look at for you as soon as it happens.

Toilet repairs can’t be done by just anybody. There are so many little parts that can fail and cause big problems that it’s often very difficult to identify and treat a toilet issue.

Our plumbers has latest tools and spare parts for almost any toilet suite repair. So we’ll save your time and money while getting the job done perfectly.

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Emergency Toilet Repairs or Replace 24/7*

In an emergency situation we are often able to repair or replace your toilet & cistern the same day – and we’re available 24 hours, 7 days a week!

So, my toilet suite is faulty. Can you repair it?

Repairing a toilet suite is far from being easy, as there’s so much that could be causing your leaking or non-flushing toilet.

That’s why we always recommend having a professional toilet plumber from Jim’s Plumbing. We’ll be able to assess precisely which parts of your toilet suite are causing problem. Then repair or replace them all to give the very best results possible.

The majority of parts inside your toilet suite are made of plastic or rubber. They always in contact with water, will inevitable wear away and eventually fail. This is unavoidable.

Parts like the ball valve, flushing mechanism base rubber, water inlet pipes, flapper valve and flush pipe rubbers; when they fail, cause your toilet to either leak or stop flushing.

No matter what’s wrong with your toilet suite. Our plumber will be able to locate the precise cause of your problematic toilet. Then carry out work that needs to be done to makes sure your toilet suite works perfectly again.

This will generally mean replacing parts to save you the time and money.

So, my single flush toilet suite is faulty. Can you repair it?

No, our toilet experts aren’t able to repair single flush toilet suites.

Parts for single flush toilets are extremely difficult to find and expensive. And the toilet themselves are very uneconomical, wasting a lot of water.

So if your single flush toilet suite is faulty it will need to be replaced. Contact us, we’ll be able to install a new 6/3 litre dual flush toilet suite for you.

It’s also a good idea to replace an older, 9/4 litre dual flush toilet suite that’s faulty. Since a newer 6/3 litre toilet suite will save even more water and be even more economical.

9/4 litre dual flush toilet suites are becoming more and more obsolete. Their parts becoming more and more difficult to find and increasingly expensive. Making it the quicker and cheaper option to simply have the toilet suite replaced with a new model.