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The toilet is one of the most essential things in any Perth home or business, so when it malfunctions you need a professional who you can trust to fix it quickly, efficiently and effectively. That professional is Jim’s Plumbing. Our toilet experts are available all day, every single day of the year, to come to your property within an hour of making a booking, so contact us now by phone or our online form.

Midland, Rockingham, Fremantle, Cottesloe, Iluka, Joondalup, Scarborough, Osborne Park, Bayswater, Victoria Park. This is just a short list of the suburbs our Jim’s Plumbing Perth toilet professionals are able to come out to, but you can rest assured that, no matter where you live or work, we’ve got you covered. We believe it’s essential for any city, including ones as isolated as Perth, to have a comprehensive toilet plumbing service, which is why we go out of our way to make sure that we have the resources and manpower to have a Perth toilet expert for every suburb. Whether you’re in the bustling city centre or out in the quieter suburbs, we’ll be able to have a Perth toilet specialist to your home or business in no time, regardless of where it is.

So, my Perth toilet suite is faulty. Can you do something about it?

Perth might be isolated, the most isolated city in earth according to some, but it’s still the fourth largest city in Australia with 1.9 million residents. That makes for a lot of toilet problems, as well as a lot of different toilet problems. But no matter what you happen to be suffering from, a Perth toilet professional from Jim’s Plumbing will have the right solution for you. Every one of our Perth toilet experts have everything they need, including the skills, experience, tools and spare parts, to tackle even the toughest toilet problem.

Depending on your specific situation, we’re able to do the following:

  • Installations for Perth toilets: do you need your new toilet suite installed? Here at Jim’s Plumbing, every one of our Perth toilet professionals has the training and experience required to install any make, style, model and type of toilet suite you might have bought for yourself. Have you got a malfunctioning toilet that you want replaced, or that your attending Perth toilet expert has recommended you replace? We can do that too, replacing your old toilet suite with a brand new one, installing it perfectly and quickly so you’re not without a toilet for any longer than you need to be. We even have access to the most popular brands of Perth toilet ourselves, which we can easily retrieve and install on the same day for you.
  • Repairs for Perth toilets: do have a faulty toilet suite that needs to be repaired? Jim’s Plumbing can help. We’ll be able to have one of our Perth toilet professionals out to your home or business as soon as possible who has everything he needs to repair your faulty toilet, no matter what’s wrong with it. Whether your Perth toilet suite has stopped flushing, started leaking or is doing something else it shouldn’t be, one of our Perth toilet experts will be able to give you the very best results.Most common problems with Perth toilet suites will be caused by parts failing. Because all of the parts inside your toilet need to be made from perishable materials like plastics and rubbers, always being under water will inevitably cause them to wear and finally fail completely. A Jim’s Plumbing Perth toilet specialist will be able to assess your toilet suite to not only find out exactly which parts are causing your problems, but also find which parts may cause you further problems later on, then repair or replace them all.

So, how come my Perth toilet suite has malfunctioned?

A Perth toilet suite that’s malfunctioned is quite often due to many different parts inside your cistern all wearing out around the same time. It’s rarely just one. Generally, toilet issues will fall into one of two categories, the leaking toilet and the toilet that won’t flush, both of which are caused by the specific parts that have worn at the time. The Perth toilet experts from Jim’s Plumbing, though, will be able to identify exactly what’s wrong. We’ll be able to assess your specific situation, then decide on and execute the best solution for you.

Here are some details of these two Perth toilet problems:

  • Leaking Perth toilet: if you have a leak in your toilet suite in Perth, with water going either into the bowl or outside the suite, you need to have one of the Jim’s Plumbing Perth toilet experts have a look at it straight away. He’ll be able to identify what’s causing it, then either repair or replace it. The leak could be due to worn flushing mechanism parts, such as the ball valve or flapper valve, or could be due to other parts on the toilet suite, such as the base rubber or the water inlet pipe, but either way it will only get worse if you leave it, possibly creating thousands of dollars in excess water usage.
  • Perth toilet won’t flush: a toilet that stops flushing in Perth is a serious problem, since it not only impacts on your health and wellbeing, but could also create further problems down the track. For these reasons, it’s always the best idea to have a Perth toilet professional form Jim’s Plumbing have a look at it, since he’ll be able to tell you precisely what’s caused your toilet suite to become faulty, and then be able to repair or replace it. Wear and tear to the flapper valve, flusher chain or flusher arm are the typical causes for this type of Perth toilet problem, all of which we’ll be able to take care of to get your toilet flushing perfectly again no sweat.

So, do you work with all brands of Perth toilet suite, or just some?

We don’t think there’s any point in only working with one or two brands and models of toilet suite, since not every Perth resident who has the same one. That’s we’ve gone out of our way to make sure that every single one of our Perth toilet experts has the tools, training, experience and even the spare parts to be able to do all jobs with all of the most popular brands of toilet suites people have. Whatever you’ve got, whatever problem you have with it, our Perth toilet professionals have everything they need to fix it.

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