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If there’s one thing you never want to happen in your Melbourne home or business, it’s a faulty toilet. And you need this fixed as soon as possible, so make sure you contact us here at Jim’s Plumbing straight away. We’re available all 24 hours of all 7 days per week, every single week of the year, and can have a toilet expert knocking on your front door within just an hour of filling out our online booking form or calling.

Melbourne might be comparatively huge when considered alongside most other cities in Australia, with a population of 4.25 million (making it the second largest city in the country), but we’re still able to service everybody, no matter where they are. If your home or business is in the Melbourne city centre, with all its laneways, cafes, restaurants, street art and buskers, or if you live or work out in the much quieter suburbs, a Jim’s Plumbing Melbourne toilet professional will be able to get to you. Our Melbourne toilet experts will come out to Kew, Essendon, Ringwood, Werribee, Caulfield, St Kilda, Sunbury, Geelong, Footscray, Dandenong, Altona and any other suburb you need them to with no fuss at all.

So, can you fix any problem with my Melbourne toilet suite?

When you have a faulty Melbourne toilet suite, you want to be able to contact somebody who you know has the skills, knowledge, experience and equipment to take care of it. That somebody is Jim’s Plumbing. Every one of our Melbourne toilet experts has been extensively trained in all aspects of toilet suite work, including repair and installation, and has access to all the tools, spare parts and even full toilet suites he needs to make short work of even the toughest Melbourne toilet problem.

To help you out, following is some information on the two jobs we’re able to do for you:

  • Install your Melbourne toilet: do you want or need your existing Melbourne toilet replaced? Have you already purchased a new toilet, and just need it installed? Then you’ve come to the right place! The Melbourne toilet professionals here at Jim’s Plumbing have the experience, expertise and equipment to be able to install any brand and model of toilet suite. We even have access to a large range of the most popular Melbourne toilet suite brands, as well as just toilet cisterns and toilet pans, so it doesn’t matter what you need or whether you’ve already bought a toilet suite, we’ll able to help you out.
  • Repair your Melbourne toilet: here at Jim’s Plumbing, we’re proud to be able to offer our valued customers the very best solutions to their Melbourne toilet problems. With the very best training, the most extensive experience and the latest and greatest toilet plumbing tools, your attending Melbourne toilet expert will be able to take care of any problem you might be facing with your toilet suite. No matter what brand, model, style or type your toilet suite, we’ll be able to get it back to working order before you know it.

    Inside your Melbourne toilet suite is a rather complicated selection of parts that all make up the various parts of the flushing mechanism. As the flushing mechanism is constantly underneath water, the parts tend to wear out, which causes issues like leaking water or prevents the toilet from flushing. In addition to those things already mentioned, the Jim’s Plumbing Melbourne toilet professionals have a permanent range of spare parts in their vans, so they’ll be able to repair or replace all the parts that are causing you grief, getting your toilet back to normal in no time.

So, why did my Melbourne toilet suite stop working?

All toilet suite problems in Melbourne can ultimately be put into one of two categories: the leaking toilet; and the toilet that won’t flush. The causes for these two toilet problems do vary, but will come down to the either one or more valves, rubbers or other mechanism parts wearing out. Since these parts are made of rubber and plastic and submersed in water, they don’t last forever, and are very common places to find issues. You can’t do anything about the arts wearing out, but contact Jim’s Plumbing and we’ll be able to do something when they have.

Here are some details of these two problem categories:

  • Melbourne toilet that can’t be flushed: being unable to flush your toilet in Melbourne, or having to flush your toilet multiple times for it to be effective, can be extremely frustrating. If this has happened to you, then you need to contact the Melbourne toilet experts from Jim’s Plumbing, and they’ll be able to sort you out. When a toilet can’t be flushed in Melbourne, it indicates a problem with the flushing mechanism or a piece of it, like the flusher arm or flapper valve. After examining your toilet suite to find the cause, your attending Melbourne toilet expert will be able to undertake the best course of action, whether repair or replacement, to have your toilet suite flushing perfectly again.
  • Melbourne toilet that leaks: not only is a leaking Melbourne toilet really annoying, it can also end up being really costly if left untreated, since that water get counted by your metre and added onto your water bill. Before this becomes a problem, though, have one of our Melbourne toilet professionals from Jim’s Plumbing have a look at. He’ll be able to tell exactly what’s wrong with it, which will most likely be a worn ball valve, a worn flapper valve, a worn base rubber or another worn part, and replace them all as required. This will usually mean replacing them all, as they all wear at the same rate and will be roughly the same condition.

So, what Melbourne toilet suite brands do you work with?

Melbourne, being the trendy city that it is, has a large selection of toilet suite brands to choose from. This might be daunting for some toilet plumbers, but not the one here at Jim’s Plumbing. Every one of our Melbourne toilet experts has the skills, knowhow, tools and spare part to undertake any and all repairs with all of the most popular brands of Melbourne toilet suite. We can even get any brand of toilet suite ourselves, so if you need a replacement but haven’t bought one yet, we still have you covered!

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