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Should you have found a problem with your toilet suite in Canberra, there’s only one name you need to remember Jim’s Plumbing. We have the resources to be able to get a fully qualified, licensed toilet professional out t your home or business within the hour, no matter what day it happens to be or what time it is. All you need to do is phone our 24/7 call centre or click on over to our online booking form, and we’ll be there in no time at all.

Surrounded and interspersed with lush bushland, Canberra is one of the most naturally beautiful places to live in Australia. Unfortunately, though, it’s also prone to toilet problems just like any other city. For this reason, you need to know who you can trust for all your Canberra toilet repairs and replacements in your area. Here at Jim’s Plumbing, we pride ourselves on being able to service every area of Canberra, from the extreme south end right up to the extreme north end. We can send one of our Canberra toilet experts to Isabella Plains, Mawson, Deakin, Acton, Fadden, Conder, Lyneham, Mitchell, Gungahlin, Weetangera, Melba, Bruce and Manuka, just to name a few suburbs, but you can rest assured we’ll be able to come to you.

So, are you able to do any work with my Canberra toilet suite?

Yes, we most certainly can! No matter what kind of work you done to your toilet suite, the Canberra toilet experts from Jim’s Plumbing will be able to have it done quickly, efficiently and effectively. We can repair your existing toilet suite if it’s faulty, replace your faulty toilet suite if it can’t be repaired, or install your new toilet suite if you’ve already purchased one. Our Canberra toilet professionals have the skills, experience, tools, spare parts and even full toilet suites to make any job as fast and cost effective as possible.

Depending on your specific problem, we can either:

  • Repair your Canberra toilet suite: if you’ve got worn out rubbers, valves and other parts inside your toilet suite in Canberra, there’s every chance we’ll be able to repair it. Here at Jim’s Plumbing, we make sure that every one of our Canberra toilet experts has not only the experience, skills and knowhow to carry out any repair to your toilet suite, but also a large range of spare parts for any situation in their vans at all times. This way, it doesn’t matter what he needs to do, your attending Canberra toilet professional will have everything he needs right from the start, saving you time and money.

    Since all the part in your Canberra toilet suite are ultimately perishable, the best idea when doing a repair job is to replace all of them. If only one or two are replaced, the rest, being in a similar condition, will only fail in a few weeks time and cause more problems, which costs you another callout and labour fee. All our Jim’s PlumbingCanberra toilet specialists are able to replace all the perishable parts in your toilet suite so you don’t need to worry about anything.

  • Install a new Canberra toilet suite: if your toilet suite isn’t able to be replaced in Canberra, then the only option will be a replacement. If you’ve already gone ahead and bought a new toilet suite, we’re more than happy to install that one for you. All our Jim’s Plumbing Canberra toilet professionals have the experience and training to install any make and model of toilet suite, so it doesn’t matter what you’ve bought. Otherwise, we have access to a range of the most popular Canberra toilet suite brands, which we can retrieve and install for you on the same day. Too easy!

So, why has my Canberra toilet suite stopped working properly?

With so many parts in your toilet suite being submersed in water all the time, it’s impossible to make parts that are going to last forever. It’s almost always worn out parts that cause toilet problems in Canberra, but what the specific parts are will affect the resulting issue. No matter what the problem is, though, your attending Jim’s Plumbing Canberra toilet expert will have the right solution for you. He’ll be able to identify the exact cause of your faulty toilet, then decide what the best course of action will be to fix it

Typically, toilet problems will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Canberra toilets that won’t flush: have you gone to your Canberra toilet, only to find it won’t flush for you? This can be one of the most unpleasant experiences in the home, so the last thing you want is for getting it fixed to be unpleasant as well. At Jim’s Plumbing, our Canberra toilet experts go out of their way to ensure that doesn’t happen. Extensively trained in every aspect of toilet maintenance, our Canberra toilet professionals will be able to repair or replace your flushing mechanism pieces, such as the arm or chain, or if it’s too serious, your full cistern or entire toilet suite. We stock all parts ourselves, so our job is quicker, easier and less stressful on you.
  • Leaking Canberra toilets: are you sick of that water constantly running from your toilet cistern into your toilet bowl in Canberra? Well, that water is more than just annoying, since it’s actually being counted by your water metre and, therefore, your water bill. You need to have it fixed as soon as possible, so contact Jim’s Plumbing and we’ll have one of our Canberra toilet experts around to your property quick smart. We’ have the experience, training and tools to repair or replace any leaking toilet. We even stock spares of the parts most likely to leak, such as the flapper valve, the ball valve and the base rubber, saving you time and money as everything in onsite from the start.

So, are you able to do work with all brands of Canberra toilet suites?

Not all Canberra toilet suites are the same, and some toilet plumbing companies typically only work with one or two brands. But not us. No, here at Jim’s Plumbing we much prefer to be able to offer our expert services to everybody, regardless of what type, style, brand and model their toilet suite happens to be. We make sure that every one of our Canberra toilet experts is extensively trained and experienced in working with all toilet brands, so you don’t need to anybody else.

This is a list of the toilet suites we can work with. You can click on the links for more information.