Rinnai SunMaster Gas Boosted Solar Split System

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Sunmaster gas boosted solar split systems are an affordable range of energy efficient solar hot water heating systems that incorporate roof mounted solar panels, a ground mounted solar tank (connected to the panels by pipes), and a continuous flow gas boost heater to reliably provide your home with hot water 24/7. The Endure solar panel collectors are constructed with an aluminium absorber which maximises the amount of thermal energy that they harness from the sun, however, in those inevitable times where the sun energy isn’t available such as cold days, an gas boost heater, (which uses the same technology as the INFINITY heaters) operates as a back up. While being cost effective, Sunmaster gas boosted solar split systems do not compromise on construction quality, using storage tanks lined with durable vitreous enamel coated with sacrificial anode to prevent corrosion and slimline, unobtrusive solar panels that are manufactured in Australia.

Three sizes of storage tanks are available in a Sunmaster gas boosted solar split system, the 175 litre tank suitable for homes of 2-4 which comes with 1 solar panel, the 270 litre tank that suits households of 3-5 people and comes with 2 solar panels, and the 270 litre tank that is ideal for homes of 4-6 people that also comes with 2 solar panels. Each system is covered by significant warranties, with a 7 year warranty on all solar panels and a 5 year warranty on the storage tank.

For more information about specific system specifications please visit the Rinnai SunMaster Split Systems webpage.

Rinnai Sunmaster Gas Boosted Solar Split System Prices

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