Rinnai Prestige Split System Solar Hot Water System – Gas Boosted

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The Rinnai Prestige Gas Boosted Split Solar system is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly water heating system. Unlike close coupled systems, the split system installs its solar panels and storage tank separately, with the panels mounted on the roof and the tank installed on the ground (internally or externally). It uses a pump mechanism to circulate water through pipes between its two parts, with the top quality Excelsior solar panels collecting maximum energy from the sun and heating the water that runs beneath its surface, the heated water is then transferred to the storage tank. The system also incorporates a compact gas booster which is mounted either on the side of the tank or outside your home, this uses continuous flow technology found in the Rinnai INFINITY gas heaters to act as a back up heater for those times when no sun energy can be collected (e.g. at night).  The split system is easy to install, and affordable to maintain, it also comes with thorough warranties on its parts including a 10-year warranty on the tank and 7 year warranty on solar panels.

The Rinnai Prestige split solar system with gas boost is available with either a 250-litre tank that is suitable for a household of 3-5 people, or a 315 litre tank which is ideal for homes of 4-6 people.

For more information about eligible solar rebates and STCs, and system specifications please visit the Rinnai Prestige Split Systems webpage.

Rinnai Prestige Solar Split System (Gas Boosted) Prices

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