Rinnai Prestige Close Coupled Solar Hot Water System – Gas Boosted

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The Rinnai Prestige close-coupled solar hot water system with supplementary gas booster is a top quality system that provides you maximum value for money and is friendly to the environment. The system sees both the solar panels and storage cylinder conveniently installed together on the roof, connected with pipes that circulate water through the panels for heating and then into the stainless steel storage cylinder. The Excelsior solar panel collectors are made with an aluminium casing for protection from corrosion, and use advanced technology to maintain maximum absorption of the suns energy. The system is supplemented by a gas booster heater when insufficient heat is available from the sun such as on cloudy days or overnight, this booster uses same technology as the Rinnai gas water heater INFINITY range and automatically engages when the water in the thermal storage tank drops below a certain temperature.

The Rinnai solar hot water close coupled Prestige system is available in two storage tank sizes; The 180 litre tank which comes with 1 solar panel is suitable for a household of between 2-3 people, and the 330 litre tank that comes with 2 solar panels, which is ideal for homes of 3-4 people. When replacing your existing electric storage water heater with the Prestige system with a 330-litre storage tank, you have the potential to reduce your electricity consumption, and consequentially energy bills and environmental impact by 2/3rds. Each system comes with a 10-year storage tank warranty, a 7 year solar panel warranty, and the entire Rinnai Prestige solar system range is eligible for impressive Australian GovernmentSTCs.

For more information about Rinnai solar hot water and specific system specifications please visit the Rinnai Prestige Close Coupled systems webpage.

Rinnai Prestige Solar Close Coupled System (Gas Boosted) Prices

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