Rinnai Prestige Close Coupled Solar Hot Water System – Electric Boosted

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The Rinnai Prestige close-coupled solar hot water system with electric boost is a refined system that focuses on quality of design and maximising efficiency. The system incorporates three parts, Excelsior solar panel collectors and a water storage cylinder that are coupled together and mounted on the roof and connected by pipe, which circulates water through the panels to be heated and then into the cylinder tank without the need for a pump. The panels and storage tank are supplemented by the compact electric booster element, which acts as a back up heater that will engage when the temperature in the tank drops below a certain point to re-heat the stored water. This fool proof system guarantees that during the night time, cloudy and overcast days or the winter months when the panels receive less solar energy, you can rest assured that you will never run out of hot water. Close coupled systems are space saving are they are all roof mounted, making them ideal for homes on small blocks, they are also very economical to install because of their compact design.

The Prestige close coupled electric boosted solar system units are constructed with the highest-grade materials, with both the solar panels and storage tank manufactured in Australia. The Excelsior collectors are entirely copper with an aluminium casing that resists corrosion; they use TiNOX technology, which absorbs the maximum available in solar energy, and are available with an antifrost option for homes in colder climates. The storage cylinder is made with durable stainless steel available in a range of colours, which does not require a sacrificial anodes protective coating found on enamel tanks, meaning reduced maintenance costs.

Prestige close-coupled electric boosted systems are available with two storage tank sizes, a 180-litre tank which comes with 1 solar panel, which is suitable for homes with 2-4 people, and a 330 litre tank which comes with 2 solar collectors and is ideal for homes of 3-5. Each system comes with a 7-year warranty on its solar panels and a 10-year warranty on the storage tank. When replacing your existing electric storage water heater with the 330-litre Prestige system storage tank, you have the potential to reduce your electricity consumption, and consequentially energy bills and environmental impact by 2/3rds. The Prestige range also attracts high Australian Government STCs, meaning added financial savings.

For more information about Rinnai solar hot water and specific system specifications please visit the and Rinnai Prestige Close Coupled systems webpage.

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