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How much to clear a Blocked Drain?

Blocked drains can be cleared from as little as $120 and can obviously run into thousands of dollars if the drain should need replacing and excavating required. Blocked drains can be as easy as pulling hair from a shower grate, right through to rotting of a complete drain and even the use of the drain camera. Whether you have a blocked toilet, basin, shower, waste or drain grate, or you have a sewer or stormwater blockage, our Jim's Plumbers...Read More

Gas Leaks and What to do – Inside and Outside

Gas leak - What to do if you have a gas leak? Gas leaks need to be treated as an emergency as they can cause an explosion if it is ignited or carbon monoxide poisoning which can cause serious illness or can be fatal. Gas is not visible and can normally be detected only through smell. If there is a leak you are normally unable to hear it making a hissing noise as the gas is normally at low pressure within the pipework. In an emergency situat...Read More

Blocked Toilet Clearing Service in Melbourne

Jim's Plumbing are the specialists in clearing blocked toilets throughout the metropolitan Melbourne area. Our extensive collection of drain cleaning equipment will ensure that we can clear your drains even if a repair is required. Causes of blockages that we find relating to toilets being blocked include:- 1. offset toilet pan collars  2. tree roots  3. toilet freshers  4. sanitary napkins 5. too much toilet paper ...Read More

What to do when your Hot Water System is Leaking

Step 1. Identify the type of heater that you currently have - Electric - Gas - Solar- electric boosted - Solar- gas boosted - Heat pump Step 2. Check the date of manufacture to see if the unit is still under warranty with the manufacture – this is not always readable but is usually on the side of the hot water system or sometimes behind the front cover plate on gas storage units. Choosing the correct hot water system ...Read More

No Hot Water On A Rheem Hot Water System

If you have no hot water coming from your Rheem hot water heater (these are the larger units with tanks) it is important that you firstly- 1. Identify if you still have water coming out of the tap however the temperature is cold. 2. Identify if there is no water coming out of the tap at all. The above 2 points will determine what you should be doing next. Hot water tap producing cold water Gas hot water heaters; On gas hot wat...Read More

What to consider when installing a Rinnai Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater

We at Jim's Plumbing have decided to write this short blog of things that a house holder should consider before going ahead with installing a Rinnai gas continuous flow hot water system. It is important that you have a qualified plumber/gas fitter come to your property to make an assessment of what size continuous flow hot water heater you require. Factors we at Jim's take into consideration include:- a. Number of bathrooms the heater i...Read More

Rinnai 250L Electric Hot Water Heater – Model No: E250S36

Rinnai is a hot water system brand that we frequently repair and install. In the market, we normally expect to see Rinnai as gas continuous flow units, so it was surprising today to come across a Rinnai electric 250 litre storage hot water heater, as it is a unit that is not very common. Rinnai 250L Electric Hot Water Heater – Model No: E250S36 Rinnai 250L Electric Hot Water Heater - Compliance Plate ...Read More

Marathon 135NTG To Vulcan Freeloader 135L

Today we attended to a Marathon hot water system. Early this morning we received a phone call from a customer who had noticed our number on a sticker that has been placed on the unit. She said the system was starting to make noise like it was trying to heat the water but when when she waited before turning on the tap, no hot water would come out of the taps. Old Marathon 135NTG Old Marathon 135NTG - Compliance plate New Vulcan...Read More

Nobel X-stream 170L Storage Gas Hot Water System

Last week Jim’s Plumbing received a call to assess a leaking Nobel X-stream 170L storage gas hot water system.  The customer advised the unit had only just started to leak from a small valve on the side of the unit but requested an urgent appointment as they were concerned the issue may worsen over the weekend. Nobel X-stream 170L Gas Hot Water System Nobel X-stream 170L Gas Hot Water System Nobel X-stream 170L Gas Hot Water...Read More

Dux Proflo 135L Gas Storage Hot Water Service

Two days ago Jim’s Plumbing was called out to inspect a 135L Dux Proflo gas storage hot water system that had suddenly begun leaking from a valve on the side of the tank. The customer explained that whilst the hot water system was quite old they had not had any previous issues and were hoping to avoid replacement if possible. Not long after the call, a Jim’s plumber arrived onsite and quickly identified the issue as a leaking pressure re...Read More