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Jim’s Plumbing is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all those jobs you need a plumber for. No matter what day it is, no matter the time is, we’ll be able to get an expert plumber out to your home or business to fix that blocked drain, gas leak or hot water service, and we can most often be there within just an hour of calling or filling out our simple online booking form. So don’t hesitate! If you need a plumber right now, contact us!

Sydney. It’s renowned Australia wide for being the most difficult city to travel through. We don’t think so, and certainly won’t use that as an excuse for being late. It doesn’t matter where you live in Sydney, we’ll be able to have an expert plumber there promptly and reliably, eliminating those irritating long waits another plumber will subject their customers to. Liverpool, Berala, Penrith, Chatswood, Ryde, Sutherland, Marrickville, Lindfield, Thornleigh, Fairfield, Guildford, Parramatta, or any other Sydney suburb, an expert Jim’s Plumbing Sydney plumber can get there. Any time, any place, any problem, Jim’s Plumbing has you covered.

So, what problems can your plumber fix for me?

At Jim’s Plumbing Sydney, we pride ourselves on being your one stop shop for all those job you need a plumber for. We make sure every fully qualified, licensed Sydney plumber is trained to the highest degree possible, with the knowledge and skills to be able to take on any repair, replacement, installation, conversion and service. With Sydney being the largest, most populous city in Australia with 4.67 million residents, there are an awful lot of problems people need a plumber for, but Jim’s Plumbing has them all covered.

Details for the most common jobs we do are as follows:

  • Pipeline repairing and replacement in Sydney – finding a leak in your piping, no matter where it is, can be very stressful in Sydney. It can also cost you lots of money paying for excess water usage. In this situation, it’s a good idea to have a professional Sydney plumber from Jim’s Plumbing come around to your home or business. Every plumber has the experience and tools to be able to repair or replace any and all materials of piping, from metals like copper to plastics like PEX, to make sure you get whatever you need.
  • Installation of dishwashers in Sydney – with more and more people buying dishwashers in Sydney these days, we’re getting more and more calls asking if we can install them. We most certainly can! Any make, any model, any type, we’ll be able to send an expert Sydney plumber out to you who can correctly and efficiently install your new dishwasher, setting it up and connecting it to your sink’s water pipe to maximum effectiveness.
  • Drain maintenance in Sydney – there’s very little that could be said to be as unpleasant a problem as a blocked drain in Sydney. Not being able to use your sink, toilet or whatever else might be clogged is very stressful, and can often bring an entire building to a grinding halt. Jim’s Plumbing is well aware of this, being homeowners and business people ourselves, so we ensure every fully qualified Sydney plumber has the training, experience and tools to deal with any blocked drains we could possibly face.Water flow in a Sydney drain can become blocked by many different things. Usually, it will be a solid like toilet paper, food scraps, sanitary napkins, baby wipes or tree roots, but it can also be sediment build ups of grease, oil, soap and toothpaste. It doesn’t really matter to us, though; with our electric drain cleaning machines, hydro jetting machines and excavation equipment, your attending Jim’s Plumbing Sydney plumber can clear even the toughest of blockages.
  • Gas repair and installation in Sydney – every Sydney plumber here at Jim’s Plumbing is also a fully qualified, licensed gas plumber, extensively trained to be able to take care of all of those gas problems. It doesn’t matter whether you have a gas leak, a gas oven that needs to be installed, a gas hot water heater that’s on the fritz, or an LPG BBQ you want attached to your Natural gas mains, we’ll be able to have an expert Sydney plumber do it for you quickly, correctly and effectively.If you think or know you have a gas leak, your attending Sydney plumber will be able to test your entire gas network to find precisely where it s and what’s causing it, then proceed to either repair or replace piping and appliances as required. A Jim’s Plumbing lumber also has experience with every type and brand of gas appliance, from stovetops to room heaters, and can install and commission, repair, shift or convert them all.
  • Toilet repair and installation in Sydney – if your toilet has suddenly stopped working in Sydney for any reason, an expert plumber from Jim’s Plumbing will be able to fix it. Our plumber has experience working with all makes and models of toilet suites, and has the tools and parts to be able to repair or replace pretty much any valve, mechanism and connection.Sometimes, though, a toilet either can’t be fixed or won’t be worth fixing. In times like these, your attending Sydney plumber will always recommend replacing the entire suit. We stock a large range of toilets ourselves, and can easily retrieve your desired unit, then come back to install on the same day. If, however, you’d prefer to purchase a different toilet from a retailer, you can most certainly do that, and we’ll be happy to arrange a Sydney plumber to come back and install it for you.
  • Water heater repair and installation in Sydney – one of the most crippling plumbing problems you can face in Sydney is easily the malfunctioning hot water heater. Not being able to have a bath or shower, wash the dishes or any of those other things hot water is essential for can be very unpleasant. If you find yourself in this situation, give Jim’s Plumbing a call, and we’ll be able to organise a professional Sydney plumber to repair or replace your hot water system straight away. With a large range of spare parts, as well as every tool and extensive knowledge and skills, our Sydney plumber can repair any failed appliance whether it’s gas, electric or solar. We have a range of replacement units in stock, so installing a new hot water heater is also an option.
  • Gutter, roof repair and replacement in Sydney – your roof and guttering performs an essential function by directing and taking water away from your Sydney property, preventing water from entering and damaging your walls, windows and other structures and belongings. When this function is impeded, whether by a blocked or broken gutter or a damaged roof, it needs to be looked at as soon as possible.Just like everything else, a Sydney plumber from Jim’s Plumbing has got you covered for this. We can have an expert Sydney plumber out to your home or business to assess the extent of the damage, then set to work repairing and replacing your gutters and roofing as required.
  • Installation of fridges in Sydney – water and ice dispensers seem to be all the rage in Sydney fridges these days, but they need to be installed properly to get the maximum effect from these luxury items. Every expert Sydney plumber at Jim’s Plumbing is able to install any brand and model of water-connected fridge, attaching it to the nearest water mains pipe to give you the best user experience.
  • Tap repair and replacement in Sydney – there’s simply no tapware issue we aren’t able to fix at Jim’s Plumbing Sydney. With experience and knowledge of every type, make and model of tap, an expert Sydney plumber from here can carry out small repairs, such as replacing your tap washer and other seals, right up to replacing your old taps with a brand new set. If it does come to this, we stock a large range of tapware ourselves, making our job quicker and less stressful on you.