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For all those jobs you need a plumber for in Canberra, Jim’s Plumbing is you first port of call. With service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every single week of the year, we’re able to offer our exception service whenever you need it. And, should you find yourself with an emergency like a gas leak or a malfunctioning toilet, we can get and expert plumber out to your home or business within just an hour calling or filling out our simple online booking form.

It makes no difference to use if you live on north side or south side, a Jims Plumbing Canberra plumber can service every suburb of Canberra, including Lyneham, Acton, Mitchell, Weetangera, Fadden, Conder, Isabella Plains, Gungahlin, Mawson, Bruce, Melba, Manuka and Deakin, among many, many others. Canberra, the nation’s capital, home to the federal seat of parliament, may be small with only 411 thousand residents, but it still has a lot of problems from a plumber to attend to. So, whether you need an expert plumber in north side on a Sunday, or a gas plumber in south side on Christmas evening, you’ll be able to access friendly, professional service wherever and whenever you need it. Don’t hesitate! Contact us now!

So, a plumber has a large area of trade. What can you do?

Jim’s Plumbing ensures every Canberra plumber is trained to only the highest degree, and nothing less, so that we can cater for every possible customer who contacts us. Gas fitting, blocked drains, appliance installation, gutters, we’ve got you covered for every problem imaginable that you’ll need a plumber for, and only give everybody the very best results available. For any and all jobs in Canberra, whether you’re right by Capital Hill or in the furthest suburb from it, an expert Jim’s Plumbing plumber has you covered.

Most commonly, we’ll do the following jobs:

  • Repairs for piping in Canberra – a leak in your pipeline, no matter where it is, can be a serious problem in Canberra, and needs to be fixed as soon as it’s discovered. A Jim’s Plumbing plumber will be able to repair or replace any leaking piping, no matter whether it’s galvanised, copper, PEX or any other material. We have the tools and experience required to take care of any burst, breakage, crack or anything else that might be causing your leak, saving you money in excessive water bills.
  • Installation for gas fittings and appliances in Canberra – gas appliances need to be installed and repaired by fully qualified, licensed Jim’s Plumbing Canberra gas plumber; there’s simply too much that can go wrong for these jobs to be done by a home handyman. Rest assured that every expert plumber has everything covered, though. It doesn’t matter what the issue seems to be, we’ll be able to repair, replace, install, commission and convert every type of gas appliance and pipeline.Cooking appliances, like ovens and BBQs, can be installed and commissioned if new, or else we can repair or shift your existing unit for better results by our professional Canberra plumber. We can also convert your LPG or Natural appliance to the opposite gas source. For gas leaks, our plumber can locate precisely where it is and what’s causing it, then repair and replace piping or appliances as required to.
  • Repairs for hot water boilers in Canberra – Jim’s Plumbing is your first port of call when you’ve discovered a problem with your hot water boiler in Canberra. Every highly trained, licensed plumber has everything they could ever need to repair your malfunctioning appliance, from the latest tools to a huge range of spare parts. Regardless of what make or model your hot water unit is, or whether it runs on solar, electricity or gas, we’ll be able to have a our Canberra plumber out to repair it with a minimum of fuss.Sometimes, though, an appliance simply can’t be repaired, or isn’t worth repairing. In these cases, we’ll always recommend a replacement hot water heater be installed, which our Canberra plumber can most certainly do for you. We stock a large range of appliances ourselves, so you’ll be able to talk it over with your attending plumber before making a decision, then have your choice of unit retrieved and installed that same day.
  • Repairs for tapware in Canberra – at Jim’s Plumbing, we can repair or replace your taps if they’re leaking, difficult to turn on and off or otherwise faulty in Canberra. It doesn’t matter if you’re having trouble with the taps in your bath, shower, basin, sink or laundry, our expert Canberra plumber will be able to do everything from replacing a worn washer to installing a completely new set of taps.
  • Installation for fridges in Canberra – buying a new fridge in Canberra can be an exciting time, so you don’t want that excitement ruined by not being able to use it. This is often the case for new appliances with water and ice dispensers, since attaching them to your water mains is a difficult job. An expert Jim’s Plumbing Canberra plumber can do that for you; we can install any make or model or water-connected fridge, connecting it to the closest water pipe to give you the best experience possible.
  • Installation for dishwashers in Canberra – a newly purchased dishwasher will need to be installed by a professional Jim’s Plumbing Canberra plumber, since there are a complex series of fittings, parts and connections. We have experience with all brands of dishwashers, so we’ll be able to have an expert Canberra plumber around to your property to install your new dishwasher, getting it functioning perfectly quick smart.
  • Clearing of blocked drains in Canberra – a blocked drain is by far the most common callout we’ll get in Canberra, so you can be sure we know what we’re doing. Jim’s Plumbing understands there’s nothing more strenuous than having a locked toilet, blocked sink or blocked sewer pipe, so we make sure every Canberra plumber has the experience, equipment and expertise to take on even the stickiest, toughest blockage. Depending in what the problem is, your attending Canberra plumber will use an electric drain cleaner, hydro jet cleaner or, if it’s really serious, he might need to excavate and replace the affected section of pipe.There are a few causes for a blocked drain in Canberra; it just depends on where the drain is and what gets washed down it. Things like food scraps, sanitary napkins and toilet paper, tree roots, grease and oil, cracks and hair will all eventually build up to block a drain. Your attending Canberra plumber will be able to accurately assess the situation then decide which method of clearing will get your drain flowing perfectly again.
  • Repairs for roofs and guttering in Canberra – a leaking roof or gutter is a serious problem in Canberra, since water, if left long enough, will cause more damage to walls, windows, ceilings and other household structures. Every fully qualified, licensed Canberra plumber here at Jim’s Plumbing will be able to repair, unblock or replace any faulty guttering, as well as repair or replace sections of roofing, ensuring your home and family stay dry.
  • Installation for toilets in Canberra – if you’ve got a leaking toilet, or your cistern won’t flush for some reason, Jim’s Plumbing Canberra has the answers. We know that the toilet is an essential component of any successful home or business, so we make sure every expert Canberra plumber has the experience and tools to be able to fix every possible toilet problem you could face, even if it means replacing the entire suite.

There are many different things that can malfunction within a Canberra toilet system to cause a problem, such as a worn seal or a broken flushing mechanism. Your attending Canberra plumber will be able find out exactly what’s wrong, then either repair or replace as necessary. If he advises on a new toilet suite, because the current is too damaged or otherwise unable to be repaired, you can either choose from one of our stock toilets or by one from a preferred retailer, then organise for our Canberra plumber to come back to install it for you.