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Jim's Plumbing your local friendly Plumber Perth

Not from Perth, WA?
  • At Jim's Plumbing our emergency plumbers & gas fitters can tend to your plumbing services 24 hours, 7 days a week. We have plumbers available within the hour^ for emergency jobs. We can assist you with all your plumbing, hot water and gas needs.
    ^NB: Pending availability

  • Normal Rates until 7:30pm Weekdays

Plumber Perth

Jim’s Plumbing Perth has everything we need to give you the very best service for all those problems you need a plumber for. With availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all public holidays as well as Christmas day and the Easter long weekend included, we can have an expert plumber to your home or business at any time of day or night, no matter what day it happens to be. Further, with our plumber army, we can most be there within just an hour of making a booking.

Perth might be the most isolated city on earth, but we think that’s a pretty poor excuse for a plumber to not offer extensive services. Joondalup, Victoria Park, Scarborough, Midland, Rockingham, Fremantle, Bayswater, Iluka, Osborne Park, Cottesloe – these are only a few of the suburbs we service in Perth, but a professional plumber from Jim’s Plumbing can take callouts to anywhere. Every fully qualified, licensed Perth plumber has the skills, training and equipment to tackle any emergency or maintenance job you may need a plumber for. All that considered, there’s really no other choice when it comes to a plumber. Call us now, or fill out our simple online booking form.

So, what sorts of things can your plumber do?

We at Jim’s Plumbing always make sure that every Perth plumber is trained to the highest degree possible. Every Perth plumber must be able to undertake every job that could possibly come up, from simple tap washer replacements to complex pipe excavation and repair. And with 1.9 million residents, making it the fourth largest city in Australia, that’s a lot of jobs, but every plumber here can most certainly manage. No matter what your need, an expert Jim’s Plumbing Perth plumber can do it.

Some specifics of the most common things we do are as follows:

  • Gas fitting installing and repairing – when you need a Perth plumber to do something with your gas piping or appliances, Jim’s Plumbing have the right solution for you. Every Perth plumber is also highly trained, licensed gas plumber, with the tools and skills necessary to undertake any installation, repair, replacement and conversion you could ever ask them to do.

    New gas oven? A Jim’s Plumbing Perth plumber can install and commission that for you, along with all your other gas cooking appliances, no matter what type, make or model. We can even repair faulty units. Gas hot water heater broken? A Jim’s Plumbing Perth plumber can repair that for you, as well as all your other heating appliances, or else install new ones. Gas leak? A Jim’s Plumbing Perth plumber can find precisely where it’s coming from, then repair or replace the affected piping or appliances, putting your mind at ease and keeping your family safe.

  • Hot water system repairing and replacing – hot water system broken down in Perth? Have a new one that you want installed? Then you need to contact Jim's Plumbing! Every Perth plumber has the experience, expertise and equipment to handle any job that needs doing with a hot water unit, no matter whether it runs on electricity, gas or solar. Any make, any model, we’ll be able to have an expert Perth plumber repair it or replace it quickly and efficiently.

    Depending on what the specific situation is, your attending Jim's Plumbing Perth plumber can either repair your current appliance if it’s failed, or else replace the whole thing if your hot water heater is beyond fixing. Our vans carry a huge selection of spare parts, and our warehouse stocks a large range of brand new appliances, so our plumber really is prepared for any problem you may throw his way.

  • Tapware repairing and replacing – if you’ve been having trouble with your shower taps, or any other tap in your Perth home or business, you need to call Jim’s Plumbing. Every professional Perth plumber has the experience and knowhow to repair any damaged or worn tap, or else completely replace them if needed. We stock a large range of tapware ourselves, so you don’t need to go out to buy a new set yourself; if you do, however, that’s perfectly fine, too, as our Perth will be happy to come back to install your new tap set for you.

  • Fridge installing – installing a new fridge can be difficult enough in Perth – trying to get it into place, trying to find a power outlet that doesn’t require an extension cord – without fancy bits like water and ice dispensers making it that much harder. Why not call an expert Jim’s Plumbing Perth plumber and guarantee it gets done properly and efficiently? Our plumber can install any make or model of fridge, attaching it to your water mains to make the most out of that water dispenser.

  • Toilet installing and repairing – nothing interrupts your day like a faulty toilet in Perth. It’s something that needs to be fixed as quickly as possible, so you can get on with what you needed to do beforehand. A Jim’s Plumbing Perth plumber can do that for you. We have experience dealing with all types and makes of toilet suites, and will be able to repair pretty much any fault. If your attending Perth plumber can’t, he’ll recommend replacing the whole unit: we stock a large range of toilets ourselves, so your attending Perth plumber can retrieve your choice and then come back to install it straight away; otherwise, you can purchase a toilet suite from a retailer, which we can arrange to come back to install.

  • Blocked drains clearing – easily the most common job we get in Perth, a blocked drain is also one of the most serious. Any blockage, no matter where it is, will cause flow on problems and can very quickly turn into a major headache. Your friendly, expert Perth plumber from Jim’s Plumbing has access to the latest, greatest drain clearing technology, including hydro jet machines and electric eel machines, as well as the very best knowledge and experience, to clear any blocked drain quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

    Your Perth blocked drains could be caused by pretty much any solid material that builds up, preventing water flow. Some of the most common ones are dirt, hair, sanitary napkins, toilet paper, baby wipes, grease, oil, tree roots and food scraps. Some blockages are tougher than others to clear, and may require a different method to clear completely, but your attending Perth plumber has the tools, skills and training to remove all of them. Even if we need to excavate and completely replace the affected section of pipe, our Perth plumber will get your drains running smoothly.

  • Dishwasher installing – Jim’s Plumbing Perth is experienced with every make and model of dishwasher, making them the perfect choice for that fiddliest of installation jobs. With so many parts, connections, fittings and sections, it’s a far better idea to have somebody who knows what they’re doing install it for you, rather than trying to fumble through it yourself. Our Perth plumber will be able to get your dishwasher installed, connected and working perfectly in no time at all.

    Depending on what the specific situation is, your attending Jim’s Plumbing Perth plumber can either repair your current appliance if it’s failed, or else replace the whole thing if your hot water heater is beyond fixing. Our vans carry a huge selection of spare parts, and our warehouse stocks a large range of brand new appliances, so our plumber really is prepared for any problem you may throw his way.

  • Pipe work repairing and replacing – a leaking pipe can end up costing you lots of money in Perth, both in excessive water bills and extra damage cause by water, so it’s essential to have any damaged piping fixed promptly. Every fully qualified, licensed Perth plumber at Jim’s Plumbing can repair or replace any material of piping, including galvanised, copper and PEX, and often already have the parts they need in their vans.

  • Gutter and roof repairing – water, if it gets into your ceiling, walls or other structures through a damaged gutter or roof, can cause a lot of trouble in Perth, eating away at stonework, wood, bricks, foundations and the like. If you have an overflowing or leaking gutter or roof, call Jim’s Plumbing Perth as soon as you discover it, and we’ll be able to send an expert Perth plumber out to your property to repair it quick smart. Our experienced Perth plumber will be able to repair or replace rusted, blocked or broken gutters, and repair any sections of damaged roof.