Gas leak – What to do if you have a gas leak?

Gas leaks need to be treated as an emergency as they can cause an explosion if it is ignited or carbon monoxide poisoning which can cause serious illness or can be fatal. Gas is not visible and can normally be detected only through smell. If there is a leak you are normally unable to hear it making a hissing noise as the gas is normally at low pressure within the pipework.

Emergency Gas Leak Repairs 24/7*

In an emergency situation we are often able to replace gas pipework the same day – and we’re available 24 hours, 7 days a week!

What to do if the gas leak is inside the house?

Step One

Turn off the gas meter. The gas meter is often located at the front of property. Although sometimes, it can be found in a box, on the side of the front wall. By turning of this gas source it minimises the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or ignition of the gas.

Step Two

Quickly open all windows before exiting.

Step Three

Check all appliances are off and have not been accidentally left open as this may be the cause of the gas leak.

Step Four

Turn off any electrical appliances which may be a source of ignition

Step Five

Definitely no smoking anywhere near the gas leak

Step Six

Wait outside of the house

Step Seven

Ring a Jims plumber gas fitter

If gas leak is outside of the house

Step One

The same process should be applied to that of a gas leak inside the house

Step Two

Turn off gas meter

Step Three

Contact Jims plumbing to send out one of our qualified gas fitters to rectify the gas leak

*Conditions apply.