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Chromagen Hot Water

Chromagen Hot Water System Repair, Replace or New Installation 24/7

Chromagen are the pioneers of energy efficient hot water systems and have been delivering quality hot water solutions since 1962.

Chromagen is Australian owned and operated. So you can trust that they understand the Australian hot water heating industry and provide long lasting and reliable hot water systems that are well-suited to our ever changing temperatures.

With a focus on sustainable environmental solutions Chromagen has a wide range of hot water systems suited to any household or commercial property.

Chromagen hot water system service and repairs

Chromagen Eternity Continuous Flow Water Heaters

For an endless supply of reliable hot water you can’t go past the compact and durable Chromagen Eternity range. These 6 star energy efficient gas hot water heaters provide a continuous flow of hot water on demand, as and when you need it. With no water storage tank the continuous flow system is an excellent space saver and powered by gas you will benefit from reduced energy bills when compared to an electric hot water heater.

The Chromagen Eternity continuous flow hot water heaters can also be used as a solar booster to a Chromagen solar powered hot water heater to provide a constant stream of hot water 24/7.

See more about the Eternity range:

No Interest Ever!* Payment Plan Options Available

No Interest Ever!* payment plan options available on hot water heater replacements to help ease any financial stress this burden may cause. If yourchromagen hot water heater is leaking, or you have no hot water, we can often have a plumber to you within the hour*.

Chromagen Ground Mounted Solar Hot Water

The Chromagen ground mounted solar hot water heater is a split configuration with the solar collectors situated on your roof and the water storage tank located at ground level. This highly efficient set up provides greater flexibility in installation and less of a weight load on your roof.

A pump is used to circulate your water through the roof collectors to provide heat, then the water is sent back to the tank to be stored for when you require it.

Use the sun’s free energy to your advantage, reduce your carbon footprint and drastically reduce your energy bills.

The Chromagen ground mounted solar hot water systems are available in the following ranges;

Chromagen Roof Mounted Solar Hot Water

When ground space is limited there is the option of the Chromagen roof mounted solar hot water heater. The RoofLine system is a close-coupled solar system where the tank and collectors are both situated on your roof. This set up provides very little maintenance as no pump, or other moving parts, are required to heat your stored water.  Instead a natural thermosiphon method is used.

See if the Chromagen roof mounted solar hot water heater is right for you

Chromagen Hot Water Heat Pump

If you want all the benefits of a solar powered hot water heater but just don’t have the correct property set-up to have one installed then a highly efficient Chromagen heat pump is the answer that you have been waiting for!

The Chromagen heat pump is an all in one, ground mounted, system that heats your stored water by using the ambient outside air, rather than collecting energy from the sun. The heat pump works in much the same way as a refrigerator but in reverse and can provide you with extreme savings when compared to a conventional hot water heating system.

The Chromagen heat pump is also the perfect replacement for an old energy hungry electric storage hot water heater as they have the same footprint design.  See more about the benefits, features and available sizes below.

Want to know more about Chromagen hot water?

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If you’ve been saving for a hot water heater upgrade then talk to us about our interest free payment plans* on all Chromagen hot water heater supplies and installations.

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Choosing the Correct Hot Water System

Choosing the correct hot water system can be difficult, as there are so many options to choose from; Click on the links to find out more about these systems.




Heat Pump


Gas boosted solar

Please be advised that we may have additional Chromagen Hot Water System models available.

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No Interest Ever!* Payment Plan offered through Certegy Ezi-Pay Express. No Interest Ever on your hot water heater replacement or new supply and installation, gas service, water service or drain replacement. Conditions apply.

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