Your friendly Dux Hot Water Service Professionals

Do you have a DUX hot water system?  Jim’s Plumbing has you covered. If you’re experiencing issues with your DUX hot water system, just call Jim's Plumbing Now! Jim’s Plumbing are your one stop shop for all things hot water in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Sydney. The team of expert plumbers at Jim’s Plumbing can assist with a wide range of brands, makes and styles of hot water systems. For example, all of our plumbers...Read More

Your Friendly Rinnai Hot Water Service Doctor

Jim's Plumbing Your friendly Rinnai Hot Water Heater doctor! -> Do you have a Rinnai hot water system that needs to be serviced? -> Is your hot water system, leaking? -> Have a burst pipe? -> Not producing hot water? -> Only producing low water pressure? -> Or the pilot light won’t even stay ignited?   Don’t panic – simply contact Jim’s Plumbing immediately on 1300 068 480. We have ...Read More

Your friendly Rheem Hot Water Service Experts

Your friendly Rheem hot water system experts. Give Jim’s Plumbing a call today! Jim’s Plumbing are your hot water specialists, no matter what type of system you have. Whether Gas, Electric, Solar – Jim’s Plumbing has you covered. -> Leaking or burst hot water system -> No hot water running through the house -> Low water pressure -> Pilot light won’t stay ignited We’ve seen it all! Simply call us today...Read More

Hot Water System Not Working? Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Frequently asked questions regarding Hot Water Systems Gas hot water problems The pilot light on my hot water system keeps going out even after relighting On gas hot water systems it can be one of the following issues: Faulty thermocouple that needs either cleaning or replacing. A thermocouple is the wire like probe that sits in the pilot light flame. Replacement of this requires a qualified gas fitter such as Jim’s Plumbing. The...Read More

What Hot Water System should I BUY?

There are so many variables in answering this question as it depends on the type of unit you currently have and if you have gas available to the property, electric and the volume of hot water you require. Below I have listed different options of units currently available in the market which we would happily send out one of Jim's plumbing hot water specialist to advise what suit best for your household and needs. Choosing the correct hot wate...Read More

Water Leaking from the Top of Hot Water System

If water is leaking from the top of your hot water system sorry to say however there is a good chance the cylinder has burst and you are up for a new hot water system. At Jims plumbing we will suggest that you check the compliance badge on the unit to see the date of the manufacturer to see if the system is still under warranty (you can only hope). No Interest Ever!* payment plan options available on hot water heater replacements to help ea...Read More

What to do when your Hot Water System is Leaking

Step 1. Identify the type of heater that you currently have - Electric - Gas - Solar- electric boosted - Solar- gas boosted - Heat pump Step 2. Check the date of manufacture to see if the unit is still under warranty with the manufacture – this is not always readable but is usually on the side of the hot water system or sometimes behind the front cover plate on gas storage units. Choosing the correct hot water system ...Read More

No Hot Water On A Rheem Hot Water System

If you have no hot water coming from your Rheem hot water heater (these are the larger units with tanks) it is important that you firstly- 1. Identify if you still have water coming out of the tap however the temperature is cold. 2. Identify if there is no water coming out of the tap at all. The above 2 points will determine what you should be doing next. Hot water tap producing cold water Gas hot water heaters; On gas hot wat...Read More

What to consider when installing a Rinnai Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater

We at Jim's Plumbing have decided to write this short blog of things that a house holder should consider before going ahead with installing a Rinnai gas continuous flow hot water system. It is important that you have a qualified plumber/gas fitter come to your property to make an assessment of what size continuous flow hot water heater you require. Factors we at Jim's take into consideration include:- a. Number of bathrooms the heater i...Read More

Rinnai 250L Electric Hot Water Heater – Model No: E250S36

Rinnai is a hot water system brand that we frequently repair and install. In the market, we normally expect to see Rinnai as gas continuous flow units, so it was surprising today to come across a Rinnai electric 250 litre storage hot water heater, as it is a unit that is not very common. Rinnai 250L Electric Hot Water Heater – Model No: E250S36 Rinnai 250L Electric Hot Water Heater - Compliance Plate ...Read More