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Jim’s Plumbing is your local blocked drain expert in Melbourne. It doesn’t matter if you have a blocked toilet drain, a blocked shower drain or a blocked sewer drain; we have the experience and equipment to clear it with minimal fuss and downtime to you. We offer our professional Melbourne same day plumbing service around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every week of the year – including all public holidays – even Christmas Day! Not only that, but if you’ve got a blocked drain emergency, we’ll treat as one, often arriving inside an hour of your plumbing booking.

What causes a blocked drain in Melbourne?

This does depend on the drain in question. Basically, solid material somewhere along a pipeline prevents water from flowing through, and is therefore called a blocked drain. This might occur in Melbourne for a few reasons, such as gradual build-ups of grease and hair, using too much toilet paper or tree roots invading your pipes, but it differs between the various pipeline locations within your building.

At Jim’s Plumbing, your local Melbourne blocked drains professional, we have the expertise and equipment required to take on any drain blockage you might find yourself facing. All of our plumbers are highly trained, fully qualified and licensed, with the tools and the know-how to get all of your Melbourne blocked drains functioning perfectly again in no time. There’s no Melbourne drain blockage too easy or too difficult, too small or too large for our expert blocked drain plumbers – available 24/7.

Common causes of blocked drains

  • Blocked sewer and stormwater drains – if you’ve got water overflowing into your garden, or you can smell sewerage when you’re outside, there’s a good chance you’ve got a blocked stormwater drain or blocked sewer drain in Melbourne. Drains underneath your driveway, walkway, lawn and other outdoor areas will quickly amass dirt, leaves and other garden debris, as well as the waste they draining to begin with, which makes for very tough blockages.   Tree roots and damaged or collapsed pipes are also extremely common causes for sewer and stormwater drain blockages.  Jim’s Plumbing Melbourne can have a blocked drain plumber to your location on the same day of your Melbourne plumber booking or within an hour* in a plumbing emergency 24/7, to have your drains flowing smoothly again in no time at all.
  • Blocked toilets – it’s true that there’s nothing more annoying, or unpleasant, than having a blocked toilet drain in Melbourne. This type of blockage can quickly bring a home or business to a grinding halt, causing interruption after interruption to your day. Using too much toilet paper, sanitary napkins or baby wipes, and flushing solid objects, such as children’s toys, are common causes for a blocked toilet drain.  The experts at Jim’s Plumbing Melbourne have the training, skills and tools to clear your blocked toilet drain quickly and efficiently. Contact us as soon as you notice there’s a problem, and we’ll have one of our Melbourne blocked drain experts out to your home or business straight away.
  • Blocked sinks – sinks in Melbourne are a very common place to find blockages, usually resulting from oil, grease, soap, food scraps and other kitchen debris accumulating over time. Melbourne blocked sink drains can be very tough to remove, especially with home drain cleaners, but the blocked drain clearing experts at Jim’s Plumbing have what it takes. We have only the very latest in drain cleaning equipment, and our training and experience is second to none. If you need a blocked sink drain cleared in Melbourne, contact us now.
  • Blocked basins, baths and showers – for blocked bathroom drains in Melbourne, there’s only company worth contacting. Jim’s Plumbing. Soap, body wash, toothpaste and hair all get washed down bathroom drains, and can easily form blockages. We have the expertise, experience and equipment to be able to tackle any blocked basin drain, blocked shower drain or blocked bath drain in Melbourne, clearing them efficiently and effectively to get your drain flowing perfectly again.
  • Blocked urinals – if you’ve suddenly found your commercial or public toilet has a blocked urinal drain in Melbourne, you really don’t want to wait to have it cleared. Crystalline deposits accumulate in urinals, eventually forming solid clogs. A blocked urinal drain can become very unpleasant, so you should contact Jim’s Plumbing Melbourne straight away. We’ll have a blocked drain expert to your property as quickly as possible, often within the hour* in a blocked drain emergency, clearing that blocked urinal drain with the very best results.
  • Blocked laundry drains – a blocked washing machine drain or blocked trough drain in Melbourne can be a huge inconvenience, locking out those day to day necessities. Typically, a blocked laundry drain will come from hair, clothing material and soapy residue building up, which the Melbourne blocked drain experts at Jim’s Plumbing will be able to efficiently clear for you. We have superior know-how, training and tools for clearing any Melbourne blocked laundry drain, and will get your washing machine and trough draining perfectly again in no time.

Can you clear a blocked drain?

If you need any kind of blocked drain cleared in Melbourne, Jim’s Plumbing is your first port of call. With fully qualified and licensed blocked drain plumbers who have undergone extensive training in all aspects of clearing Melbourne blocked drains. Our mobile plumbing vans are fitted out with the latest, greatest drain clearing machinery (electric drain cleaning machines, hydro-jet cleaning machines, CCTV drain cameras and excavation tools), there’s simply no other choice. Contact us as soon as your Melbourne blocked drain appears and we’ll be able to dispatch one of our local Melbourne drain plumbers to your location on the same day of your booking, who’ll have the right solution for you.

Drain clearing technology

  • A Melbourne CCTV sewerage camera inspection – if it isn’t known what’s caused your Melbourne blocked drain, where the blockage is or why the blockage comes back time after time, it’s very difficult to know what to do. In these cases, being able to accurately locate and assess the blocked drain is essential, and a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) drain camera will allow your attending Jim’s Plumbing Melbourne blocked drain plumber to do exactly that.  They will use the CCTV drain camera to correctly identify those irritating, difficult to reach blockages, which will eliminate any guess work out of the job to give you the best drain clearing or pipe repair results possible.
  • A Melbourne electric eel machine – in the 21st century, we need 21st century technology to tackle 21st century blocked drains. At Jim’s Plumbing, your local Melbourne blocked drain experts, we have access to the very latest in electric eel drain cleaning machines. A mechanical cutting head is fed through your Melbourne blocked drain, slicing any tree roots and other solid objects it comes up against. All of our blocked drain plumbers are trained and experienced in using the electric drain cleaners to effectively clear your blocked toilet drains, blocked shower drains and any other blocked indoor drains in Melbourne.
  • A Melbourne hydro-jetter – as well as the electric drain clearing machine, our expert Melbourne blocked drain plumbers have access to hydro-jet drain cleaning machines, which are very effective on those blocked drains that an electric eel may not be able to reach, or stubborn drain blockages that an electric eel may not be able to cut through.  Consisting of a nozzle attached to a cable, the hydro-jet machine shoots highly pressurised water, at a rate of up to 5000psi, along the drain, easily scouring greasy build-ups and slicing through tree roots in blocked sink drains and blocked stormwater drains. All of our Jim’s Plumbing Melbourne blocked drain plumbers have the expertise and experience in operating hydro-jets to remove even the stickiest or stubborn of clogs.
  • A Melbourne drain excavation, replacement – if neither the electric eel drain machine or the hydro-jet drain machine will be effective, such as when your Melbourne drain is too damaged or the blockage is too compacted, the only option will be a full, or partial, drain replacement. All of our Melbourne blocked drain plumbers at Jim’s Plumbing have the knowledge, skills and tools to excavate and replace sections of a blocked drain where required, and will be able to quote the job and carry it out on the same day so you don’t need to wait any longer than necessary.

Drain relining is favoured by some blocked drain plumbers in Melbourne, but at Jim’s Plumbing we don’t think it’s worth it. Relining is only a temporary solution at best that will need to be done many times over, which will cost you much more money than having the drain repaired properly to begin with. Our Melbourne blocked drain experts use only the techniques which will give you the safest, longest lasting and most cost effective results possible.

Who’s responsible for blocked drains in Melbourne?

For any blocked drain in Melbourne, whether it’s near the street art-lined city centre or out in the suburbs, Jim’s Plumbing are the blocked drain clearing experts. Cleaning of blocked drains on private property should be arranged and paid for by either the homeowner or the business owner, or, if you rent your home, your landlord. If you find yourself with a Melbourne blocked drain, don’t hesitate, contact Jim’s Plumbing straight away so we can have somebody out to you as quickly as possible with the right solution.  We have a local Melbourne plumber ready and waiting to assist with any blocked drain situation you may have, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all public holidays.  In a blocked drain emergency we can have a Melbourne plumber knocking on your door within the hour* of your booking.

About Melbourne

Melbourne, often called the cultural capital of Australia, is the second most populous city in the country with approximately 4.25 million residents. That makes for a lot of art galleries, libraries, theatres music venues and sporting grounds, but it also means an awful lot of blocked drains! Jim’s Plumbing Melbourne, though, has them covered. With a veritable fleet of vans and fully qualified plumbers at our disposal, we can come to your home or business no matter where it might be located. We service all metropolitan areas of Melbourne, including, Kew, Altona, St Kilda, Sunbury, Footscray, Caulfield, Essendon, Ringwood, Werribee, Dandenong, Geelong and many others. Scope, expertise, technology and experience makes Jim’s Plumbing Melbourne the only blocked drain plumber you’ll ever need to contact. Call us anytime, or use our online Melbourne plumber booking form.

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