CCTV Drain Camera

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CCTV Drain Camera for Your Blocked Drain

If you have a recurring blocked drain, even after having it cleared multiple times, there’s likely a more complex problem. Our plumbers utilise Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) camera technology to identify the cause of that blockage. By inserting a small camera attached to a cable, we’re able to inspect the entire length of your problematic blocked drain. This takes the guess work out of the equation and enables us to target the cause of your blockage.

Guarantee a Same Day Plumbing Service 24/7*

For any stubborn or reoccurring blocked drain on your property call  Jim’s Plumbing. We’re available 24/7, including all weekends and public holidays and can be pulling into your driveway within an hour*.

Why use CCTV Drain Camera?

Our plumbers have undergone extensive training in using the CCTV drainage camera to locate those troublesome and extra difficult drain blockages. Without the aid of a drain camera, identifying drain the exact cause of the blockage can be expensive guesswork. The only other way is to excavate the entire length of the drain, which is very costly and time consuming.

Sewer Drain Camera

No Obligation Quote for the Repair or Replacement of Drain Sections*

Stormwater drains commonly block up due to tree roots, dirt & silt in the pipes. These pipes connect from the roof & the sumps in the garden to the kerb in the street. Our plumbers can supply you with a no obligation quote for the repair or replacement of drain sections.

What will you be able to find by using the CCTV drain camera?

A CCTV drain camera is suitable for when you have a blocked drain that keeps reoccurring. Or the cause or location of a blocked drain is unknown. It can also be used if your attending plumber suspects that there might be a more complex blockage than first thought. Each of our licensed plumbers has been trained in the use of drain cameras.

Typically, the cause of a reoccurring blockage will be one or more of four things:

A cracked or broken pipe

Environmental factors such as earth compacting, ground movements or incorrect installation can lead to cracks or breaks in pipework. This allows debris to settle inside and prevent water from moving through. A CCTV drain camera will be able to assess precisely how bad the damage is. And then provide clarity in regards to the best solution to repair the damaged pipe section.

Pipe sagging

The erosion of surrounding earth can cause a pipe to belly, or sag, which prevents water and any other solid materials from correctly draining through the pipe. One of our plumbers will be able to find out exactly where and how badly your pipe is sagging, and then determine the best solution for repair.

Collapsed pipe

Incorrect installation, drains made from outdated material or drains that are simply very old, can collapse completely. This blocks the drain, causing waste and water to settle at the damaged section. This type of fault would not be assessable without either excavating the whole drain, which is very expensive, or using a CCTV drain camera to determine the cheapest fix.

Tree root blockages

Tree roots grow towards a reliable water source. If a pipe is very old or already cracked, it is extremely easy for even a tiny hair-like tree root to infiltrate the pipe. Once inside, the tree roots will grow to a large fibrous mass and eventually completely block or break through the pipework. In this instance, a CCTV drain camera will be able to show clearly whether the blocked drain can be cleared effectively with the use of an electric eel or high powered hydro-jet. Or, if the damage is too serious and the section of blocked drain needs to be replaced instead.

* Pending availability. Conditions apply.