AquaMAX Gas Boosted Solar SG415

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AquaMAX SG415

This is the largest capacity hot water heater that AquaMAX produces across all of its ranges (including straight gas and electric systems).

The massive 415 litre gas boosted solar hot water system is a premium choice for families of 4-6 looking for high demand and reliable hot water delivery.

aquamax hot water system

The system combines 3 solar panels mounted on the roof, the 415 litre enamel cylinder and your choice of either a 20 or 26 litre continuous flow gas booster. Which guarantees you access to hot water even in overcast weather.

The enamel tank comes with a 5 year warranty, and the gas booster can run on either LPG or natural gas with a 5 star energy rating.

The AquaMAX SG415 unit has additional perks of cutting down energy use by up to 60%. Its being great for the environment by reducing greenhouse emissions, which may attract Australian Government rebates.

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No Interest Ever!* Payment Plan Options Available

No Interest Ever!* payment plan options available on hot water heater replacements to help ease any financial stress this burden may cause. If your aquamax hot water heater is leaking, or you have no hot water, we can often have a plumber to you within the hour*.

AquaMAX Gas Boosted Solar System – 415 litre Prices

Jim’s Plumbing proudly offer interest free terms* on every new and installed AquaMAX gas boosted solar hot water heater. All quoted prices include unit, installation and GST cost.

Installation Type


AquaMAX Gas Boosted Solar Water Heater 415L


(Replacing existing unit of same brand and same litre capacity requiring no pipework alterations.)

Replacing existing unit in the Roof ceiling

Replacing existing mains pressure storage unit

Replacing existing continuous flow gas unit

Choosing the Correct Hot Water System

Choosing the correct hot water system can be difficult, as there are so many options to choose from; Click on the links to find out more about these systems.




Heat Pump


Gas boosted solar

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Please be advised that we may have additional Aquamax Hot Water System models available.

For a full breakdown of all AquaMAX hot water system prices, including Gas, Electric and Solar water heaters, please click here.

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Price quoted is for single element.

All pricing includes installation and GST.

*NO INTEREST EVER!* PAYMENT PLAN, “Fees, terms and conditions apply”.

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