AquaMAX 26L Gas Continuous Flow

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AquaMAX 26L Gas Continuous Flow – Endless hot water for a medium sized household

AquaMAX understand the Australian conditions and they know exactly what we want and need when it comes to a hot water heater. AquaMAX focus on providing innovative and efficient hot water solutions to suit any sized home.

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You can rely on an AquaMAX hot water heater to live up to your expectations. AquaMAX is proudly Australian owned with their manufacturing plant being based in Victoria since 1988.

You can also depend on the quality, with the AquaMAX range being covered by extremely high warranty terms.

If you’re looking for a highly efficient and compact hot water heater that will supply endless hot water to a medium sized home with 2 to 2.5 bathrooms then take a look at the AquaMAX 26L gas continuous flow system.

No Interest Ever!* Payment Plan Options Available

No Interest Ever!* payment plan options available on hot water heater replacements to help ease any financial stress this burden may cause. If your aquamax hot water heater is leaking, or you have no hot water, we can often have a plumber to you within the hour*.

AquaMAX 26L Gas Continuous Flow
AquaMAX Gas Continuous Flow Temperature Controller

AquaMAX 26L gas continuous flow hot water heater features and benefits:

Boasting a high 5.9 energy star rating the AquaMAX 26L gas continuous flow hot water heater is bound to save you money on your ongoing energy bills, especially when compared to a conventional electric hot water heater.

Being Australian made you can trust that the 26L gas continuous flow hot water system is well suited to our climate conditions. Designed for external installation only, the AquaMAX 26L gas continuous flow hot water system can operate on either natural gas or LPG, and delivers 26 litres of hot water per minute at a 25°C rise. For a more streamlined look you can also opt to have your AquaMAX continuous flow hot water heater installed within a recess box.

The AquaMAX 26L gas continuous flow is ideal for modern Australian living and suitable for a home with up to 2.5 bathrooms to provide a constant stream of hot water, on demand.

Durable and reliable the 26L gas continuous flow system from AquaMAX is backed by a high 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger – the hardest working part. So you can rest assured that you are receiving value for money and a superior hot water system.

For added safety and convenience why not team up your AquaMAX 26L gas continuous flow with an optional temperature controller?

What is the AquaMAX temperature controller?

As an optional extra your AquaMAX 26L gas continuous flow hot water heater can be installed with one or more temperature controllers.

The temperature controllers allow you to pre-set your desired water temperatures for different areas within your home. As an example your bathroom hot water can be set to a safe (and recommended) temperature of 50°C to prevent hot water scalding injuries. Scalding can easily happen to young children, the elderly or the mobility impaired when the water setting is too high. And, for example, you can pre-set your water in the kitchen to a higher temperature making it suitable for washing dishes.

The temperature controllers are also extremely convenient as once your preferred temperature level has been set, you only need to turn on the hot tap. Once your set temperature has been reached that is where it will stay until you turn the hot tap off. There will be no more need to constantly fiddle with the hot and cold taps to get that ideal hot water setting.

AquaMAX 26L Gas Continuous Flow installation – interest free*

At Jim’s Plumbing we understand that a new hot water heater is usually the last thing that you have been saving for, and often a hot water heater will give up the ghost at what can seem like the worst time. When you have purchased a new home did you know how old the current hot water heater was, or when it was last serviced? In many cases this is something that people tend to overlook.

Hot water heaters are built tough, with the well-known and trusted models lasting between 5-12 years, sometimes longer. It also helps when purchasing a new hot water heater to look at the warranty terms – a higher warranty will usually mean a much more superior and reliable product.

If you do require a new or replacement hot water heater and are looking at the AquaMAX 26L gas continuous flow system then call your local plumber from Jim’s Plumbing for a free, no obligation quote on the supply and installation. We provide expert advice, a competitive price and a service that is second to none.

Jim’s Plumbing has you covered 24/7 with a team of plumbers in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney Brisbane and Canberra servicing all metropolitan suburbs. Our plumbers are fully qualified and insured and are the specialists in all hot water heater repairs, replacements and new installations.

Should a new or replacement AquaMAX 26L gas continuous flow hot water heater be the ideal hot water solution for your property why not take advantage of our no interest EVER payment plans*? All you need is a 10% deposit and the ability to make ongoing monthly payments, and not have to worry about any interest being charged.

At Jim’s Plumbing our customers are our number one priority and we understand the need for flexible payment arrangements.

Call us today to find out more about the AquaMAX 26L gas continuous flow or see more of the AquaMAX range here…

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Choosing the Correct Hot Water System

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